Planes, Phones, Buildings, and You

The life of a frequent flyer can be one of frustration. Those of us who take the “once a year or two” flight have experienced the inconvenient waiting in line and subsequent delays. Depending upon the airport, effective communication can be challenging thereby increasing frustration and delays.

However, technology once again is coming to the rescue of all who fly. Great improvements have been made through the years. With the 9/11 tragedy and heightened necessary security features in place, great strides continue to be made for airline customers. Yet, we all recognize the room for improvement.

Being tech geeks after all, let’s look at some of the new advancements made to make the life of the airline traveler more effective and efficient. Next, we will shift gears to those who own small planes. Storage can be challenging. A cost-effective option is available that can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Planes, Phones, Buildings, and You
Up and Away

Uber is well-underway in their design and implementation phase of VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) vehicles. Bear in mind that this is not for cross-country or overseas trips. Imagine, for a moment that you have exhausted that 30-mile drive to work that typically takes 90 minutes.

What Uber hopes to accomplish is on-demand urban air transportation. Rooftops would then become “mini-airports”. The challenges that are faced considering this are many; including regulatory, managing the air traffic, and battery technology.

App Overload

How many apps do you have to download for a flight? Is it necessary to have a separate app for each airport, the car rental company, the airline, and the hotel?

This year (2017) should be the time we see consolidated chatbot engines which will simplify the communication platforms for airline customers. How nice it will be to not have to fill up all that space on our phones with apps we may only need once.

Speaking of Apps

Airports across the globe are welcoming iBeacon technology with open arms. Ever land at the airport and stress over how far you have to go to catch the connecting flight?

With this technology in place, assuming you have a smartphone, the iBeacon can communicate time and location sensitive information. Pertinent information such as gate location and baggage claim will be sent directly to your phone, with your exact location in mind.

Speaking of Apps

Built to Stand Strong

Protecting your investment is logical, most everyone understands this. However, what lengths are each of us willing to go to protect our transportation investments? If this includes an airplane, should that investment be stored in the safest and most cost-effective way possible?

Regardless of the size of your aircraft, look for rust and wind resistance in a storage building. Steel buildings for aircraft storage, if from a reputable manufacturer with decades of proven experience, can protect your aircraft in the harshest of conditions.

Why choose a prefabricated steel building? There are 3 benefits:

  • Speeds up the construction process
  • Cost-effective
  • Practicality, especially for those who need multiple buildings, which creates a uniform appearance

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