BiglyBT: A ‘New’ Open Source Torrent Client Launched By Former Vuze Developers

Original Vuze developers create a new torrent client ‘BiglyBT’

Two of the core original developers of the once very famous BitTorrent client, Vuze (originally known as Azureus), have come together to start a new open source torrent client.

Their new client is known as BiglyBT and is based on Azureus code (which later rebranded to Vuze). The client is licensed under the GNU General Public License and does not hold any of Vuze’s proprietary code.

We are no longer involved in Vuze or Azureus Software, Inc. We cannot speak to what their intentions are with the development of their product,” the two developers, parg and TuxPaper told TorrentFreak.

Branched from the Azureus open source project created in 2003, BiglyBT continues its development, and keeps all the features that are loved by the torrent users. The developers promise to keep the project open-source alive without any commercial interests.

Our main goals for BiglyBT is to keep it ad-free and open source, and to continue to develop it into an even better torrent client. We also hope that a community will form again around the product.”

The team has removed all advertising and other non-essential functionalities from BiglyBT. Currently, the client looks as well as operates very similar to Vuze. However, the developers plan to create a new style and add in a number of new features, and various other changes that will make it stand apart from others in the future.

Our first release is mostly a name change, but we have removed some of the things that we know users don’t particularly want or use, such as the content network, games promotions, DVD burning, the huge ad in the corner of the app, and the offers in the installer.”

The developers through BiglyBT are looking to target the more experienced torrent users who want to configure a client as per their liking.

Our target users are people who love to delve into the world of torrenting. People who like to tinker and watch torrents do their thing. Hoarders who like to seed, automate, categorize and contribute back to the torrenting community,” the developers note.

Currently, the client is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux, with an open source Android app, based on fork of Vuze Remote, to follow soon in a few weeks. The project is exclusively supported by donations from the public made through BitCoin and PayPal.

Interested torrent users can try out BiglyBT by downloading the latest free version from the official site. Installing of this client does not install any adware or other applications.

Source : TorrentFreak

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  1. The user interface looks good but you forgot to mention that BiglyBT is written in Java, so thanks but no thanks.


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