Instagram Down Again For Many Users

It’s Not Just You, Instagram Is Down For Thousands Of Users

Just few hours has passed and Instagram is down again for thousands of users around the globe.

Users trying to open Instagram are getting a blank page or an error message stating couldn’t refresh feed.

A screenshot from, an independent website that tracks real time outages of websites, apps and networks around the globe shows the intensity of the outage as extreme.

The social network giant acknowledged earlier today that Facebook and Instagram was down because of some network issues, which was resolved. however it seems like the issue has arisen again and this time just for Instagram.

While it is still not clear as if the network issues that has caused the issue is serious or not it should be noted that other then the critical down time that facebook and instgram faced earlier today, Facebook app and Instagram has been reportedly crashing for users around the globe from last two days for smaller interval of times.

Instagram users have taken over twitter and facebook to show up their anger and frustration for not being able to use Instagram.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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