Top 16 YouTube Channels To Learn Web Development

These best 16 YouTube Channels Will Help You Learn Web Development

The first thing that attracts one to a website is the presentation of the web page. In today’s world of changing and ever advancing technology, knowing top web development skills is very important. However, the most popular question for any beginner who wants to learn web development is that where to start with?

While there are several resources that one can use to start learning languages like Swift or frameworks like AngularJS or even responsive design or just coding in general, there are also many great YouTube channels to learn online or expand your web development skills. To start with, it can be a little bit daunting for a first-timer to choose a YouTube channel to start with or decide which one would suit you.

To help you with this, we look at some great YouTube channels who are on a mission to teach wannabe students about web development. So without further delay, we present to you the top 16 YouTube Channels you should subscribe to if you want to start learning web development:

1. Codecourse

This is a great channel for beginners to learn web development for free. There are some great videos that will explain everything you need to know about making CSS and about PHP. You can also build a complete website from scratch following their detailed step by step PHP tutorials.

Things you can learn: PHP (laravel, Symfony, Slim), CSS, Hosting

2. DevTips

On DevTips, you get detailed weekly videos on the subject of web design and development that helps you to begin from scratch. The creator also shares his own personal experiences which can be insightful for newcomers that have less experience.

Things you can learn: HTML5, CSS, Javascript

3. LearnCode-academy

Those looking to become a professional web developer, this is a great YouTube channel to learn web development right from basics to the current trending topics. It also has tutorials on how to use multiple Pro WebDev tools.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including Node.JavaScript, Angular.JavaScript, Backbone.JavaScript), Deployment Strategies, Server Administration.

4. CSS Tricks

This channel about CSS tricks shows in-depth screencasts about various web design related topics, including CSS, Responsive design, SVG, WordPress Development and others.

Things you can learn: CSS, JavaScript, WordPress

5. Google Web Designer

This channel is all about learning the features and functionalities of web designing using Google Web Designer Tools. It also has a tutorial of how to use it to build a great website.

Things you can learn: Design, HTML, CSS, JS

  1. WebDevMentors

This is a great video tutorial channel on front-end development that provides detailed courses on Bootstrap, Python and Java.

Things you can learn: Bootstrap, Python, Java, Android, PHP, HTML, Foundation

7. Adam Khoury

This channel which is managed by Adam Khoury teaches both programming contents and graphic design. It will help you master SQL, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS like a professional for free.

Things you can learn: JavaScript, Android, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ActionScript

8. LevelUpTuts

This channel provides a wide variety of useful and most in-depth easy to follow tutorial videos on web development ranging from basic to the pro level for becoming a professional web developer.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

9. Brad Hussey

Brad Hussey’s YouTube channel specialises in website designing and has excellent videos for freelancers. The topics on this channel include building websites from scratch using HTML and CSS, responsive web with Bootstrap, coding dynamic websites using PHP and others.

The channel also has great videos to learn web hosting, FTP basics and has a super video about how to be a good freelancer.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

10. Google Chrome Developer

This channel not only allows you to learn about Google Polymer, but also explains fundamentals, and how to use web applications. It also has the latest and greatest talks on modern web development and provides insights, good tips for using many web fundamental apps or tools, and techniques to help you enhance your web development skill.

Things you can learn: HTML, JavaScript, Google Polymer

11. Derek Banas

Derek Banas’ YouTube channel that has more than 686,900 subscribers is famous among programmers for presenting video tutorial on programming in many languages. It has tutorials on, CSS and SASS, Ruby, Object Oriented JavaScript, Go, Haskel, Dart, Swift, Visual C#, Scala and other languages.

Things you can learn: CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Swift, Visual C#, Haskel, Dart

12. Coder’s Guide

Coder’s Guide is a comprehensive web programming tutorial channel that teaches HTML web development, beginner .net programming with Visual Basic and client sided JavaScript web development, cross-platform Java programming. One can begin to learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and then move on to more advanced topics such as responsive websites and applying WordPress themes with Bootstrap.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, VisualBasic

13. Tuts+ Web Design

Tuts+ Web Design, as the name suggests, is a YouTube channel for free web designing courses. The courses and tutorials on this channel will help you learn and master skills in web designing. You can learn Bootstrap, Photoshop and Dreamweaver and their applications in web designing.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, Design (Photoshop, Dreamweaver)

14. The New Boston

With almost one million subscribers, this is one of the most popular web development channel that offers tutorials on C, C++, Java, JS, HTML, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, app development, and much more. This channel specialises in providing tutorials for different programming topics including Android App development and Web designing.

Things you can learn: ECMAScript 6, React JS / Redux, Django, Angular 2, Gulp, Git, Python, SEO, SASS, SCSS, Grunt, Illustrator, MongoDB, PHP, Java, Ruby, Objective C

15. Mackenzie Child

This channel covers several topics from coding and design to making web applications to launching web apps on Ruby on Rails. There are screencasts about Ruby on Rails in 12 different applications ranging from blogs, to-do apps to Pinterest .It also teaches you how to develop real life projects like How to build a Pinterest Clone in Rails.

Things you can learn: Ruby on Rails


JREAM regularly provides programming courses with many topics there that you can learn, such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Linux, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other similar things. At times, there are also videos on useful tips, such as advice on writing good code and new topics such as Windows 10. This is a great channel for beginners as well as people that have had some experience with web development.

Things you can learn: CSS, PHP, MySql, JavaScript (NodeJavaScript, jQuery), Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)

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