Google launches a mobile data tracking app to help avoid data wastage

Google’s new ‘Datally’ app will help users save and effectively control mobile data usage

With affordable and unlimited mobile data plans apparently declining, users have to live with limited usage data plan options provided by their mobile/cellular carrier. Also, mobile data plans don’t come cheap especially in the developing markets. While one can try and control usage of the mobile data, there is still always a risk of over using and being slapped with hefty data usage charges.

In order to help mobile users efficiently manage and control their data usage, Google has launched a new Android-based mobile app called ‘Datally’. Developed by Alphabet Inc’s Google, this app not only helps one to understand where the data is being used, it also provides suggestions to reduce the data they are using.

The Datally app will show the exact applications that use the most amount of data in a user’s phone. It tracks real-time mobile data usage for each app, as well as overall usage through hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats. It also allows you to control background apps data usage by turning on the Data Saver bubble so that only the app that’s actively onscreen can use mobile data. Datally allows you to block every app from using background data by letting you go in and controlling data usage on an app by app basis. Additionally, the app will also automatically suggest the nearby Wi-Fi networks for you to connect to instead of using your mobile data.

Google has been testing Datally in beta form in limited markets, including Philippines. They found that the app helped users save 30 percent of their data on an average. The app has over 500,000 users and is available around the globe on any phone running Android 5.0 or higher. For those interested in trying out the app can download it now from the Google Play Store.

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