Watch geo-blocked videos on YouTube with this free Chrome extension

This free Chrome extension lets you see videos that are blocked on YouTube

It can be really frustrating when you come across an interesting video on YouTube and when you click on it to watch it, you are greeted with the message, “The user who uploaded this video has blocked it in your country.” This message is displayed if the uploader of the video hasn’t made it available for viewing in your country.

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While the best option is to change the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to another region where video is allowed, the process to do so could be tedious. However, now there is an extension for Google’s Chrome browser that will automatically do this for you and let you watch videos without any restrictions by YouTube.

The browser extension known as ‘F * ck YouTube’ (yeah, that’s what it’s called) will fool Google into playing YouTube videos that have been blocked for viewing in your region.

All you need to do is to install the application of the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and add the extension to the browser. Open the video you want to view on YouTube. Then, insert the URL of the video in a separate tab you want to play. The extension will promptly load a functional version of the video.

It is important to know that while the extension unlocks the video, it however does not allow you to see region-locked clips when browsing clips in channels. The F * ck YouTube extension is available here for free download, and the source code of the app is available at this Github repository.

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