Microsoft was in news this May when it announced its biannual list of features to be killed in the upcoming feature update to Windows 10. And paint was one of them. Since 1985 Paint has been a preinstalled program on Windows. Last year Microsoft released the new version of Paint, Paint 3D.

The released list said the features will be deprecated and eventually be removed. It meant the app will still be available, but it won’t be integrated with new features. But Microsoft faced a lot of negativity from people across the globe and later confirmed that paint will continue to be available on the Microsoft store.

Earlier this week, Windows 10 Insider preview was released by Microsoft to the fast ring and a message was spotted by the users at GizCentral. The message says, “This version of Paint will soon be replaced with Paint 3D. Classic Paint will then become available in the Store.” This message wasn’t gives as an alert on opening the app. One needs to click the Product alert button placed at the top-right corner to see the message.

The message was brief, and it didn’t clear whether Paint will be removed in the next Windows 10’s feature update, which is about to arrive in the upcoming springs, or not. We are waiting for Microsoft’s next update on this. But it’s for sure that our beloved app from childhood, MS Paint will be removed soon.




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