Energous Gets FCC Certification for WattUp Wireless Charging Technology

After three years of debut of Energous’ wireless “power at a distance” charging system, it has now approved by the Federal Communications commission (FCC). FCC has approved this new type of charger, Wattup Mid Field transmitter, for the first time.

This technology is much more advance than the previous wireless charging technologies because this will charge up batteries from as far as three feet away. And with this, we enter a complete new era of wireless charging of devices.

It is able to charge battery-operated devices like phone, tablets, smart speakers, smart watches, fitness trackers etc. using a technique that Energous compares to Wi-Fi, as long as the battery-operated device has the company’s receivers. Wattup has a transmitter which emits energy via a radio frequency signal. It is being delivered by custom chips and miniature antenna arrays. And after the transmission, device having the Wattup receiver converts the RF signal into battery power.

Energous claims its product being the only one which can charge using both wired as well as wireless charging technology. It can even charge more than one devices simultaneously and will keep on charging until they are charged to a certain point.

Wattup was released in 2015 at CES and rumors were there for Wattup collaborating for wireless charging of iPhone X in 2017 but Apple went ahead with inductive wireless charging on iPhone X and iPhone 8 this year. It is being speculated that Apple may work with Energous on implementing this technology on future iPhones or at least make a Wattup iPhone accessory certified by MFi.

Energous will be displaying this wireless charging technology at the Consumer Electronic show at Las vegas next  month from 9th-12th January.