Scientists prove the existence of fourth spatial dimension

Experiments Show Fourth Spatial Dimension Effect

Since childhood, we have been seeing universe with the three physical dimensions. The theory of relativity was given by Albert Einstein in 1905 which talked about the fourth dimension based on time. A recent study by two teams of scientist from Germany, USA, Switzerland, Israel and Italy have put light on the fourth dimension, a new spatial dimension.

The theoretic concept given by the lead author of the research portrays that a fourth dimension exists where people can move forward and backward in time. Penn State University’s professor Mikael Rechtsman stated that it is not possible to feel the 4D spatial system physically, but they managed to get a quick look of the fourth dimension.

This staggering study was result of two quantum hall experiments by the researchers. It was based on quantum hall effects which happens when a moving electron experiences a high magnetic field, applied by an external source, strictly moving in two dimensions, at a very low temperature. Due to this, electrons travel in fixed paths and with the application of a certain magnetic field by the scientists, electron can move along the edges of the solid material. Researchers believe something similar would happen with particles in fourth dimension.

Nobel prize in 2016 was received by the scientists who studied this effect. And three more Nobel prizes were awarded theoretical effect of this study.

In this study of fourth dimension, researchers had a special setup where electrons could move in just two dimensions.

The flow and behavior of electron changed when a perpendicular magnetic field was applied on to the electron on the 2D plane.

This could be altered further by decreasing the temperature of the environment and increasing the voltage.

More was the voltage, greater the magnetic field and more application of quantum mechanics.

Topological pumps were used in the research that let the researchers change the quantum state in a predefined way and the system could be converted from two dimensional one to a fourth dimensional system.

This experiment is in its absolutely initial state but would definitely be a breakthrough in the history of mankind and the researchers are trying their best to find out more about it’s working. However, it’s a start to this new world and if it worked out, the sci-fi movies will turn out to become non-fiction ones. How cool will be that!

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Mudita Jha
Mudita Jha
Mudita Jha is a creative content writer for many blogs & a tech savvy person and she loves to write poems and stories. She believes you can conquer anything with positivity.


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