Google’s Rumored ‘Yeti’ Gaming Console Project Could Take On Xbox, PlayStation, And Steam

Moving beyond its original claim to fame as a search engine, Google has also made its presence felt in fields like robotics, mapping, video broadcasting, telecommunications, advertising, and much more. Now, the search giant is looking to step into another field: video gaming.

Google is reportedly developing a subscription-based games streaming service that could work either on its Chromecast or possibly a brand new Google-made console, according to a report from The Information.

The project, dubbed “Yeti,” would apparently allow users to stream and play video games in real time, which is actually running on Google’s remote cloud servers somewhere else in the world. The video game is communicated to the user’s device over the internet, while the control codes from a game controller are sent in the other direction. Using this service, the users don’t have to download video games or purchase disks. Users will be able to enjoy a huge amount of power with an internet-connected device such as phones, tablets and/or TVs that can be accessible directly, for example, via Google’s Chromecast low-cost media player, which is far more affordable than a high-end system or PC.

Apparently, the Google Yeti Streaming service has reportedly been in development for two years. Also, the search giant is testing itself in the gaming world with the Android-focused Google Play Games service as well as with YouTube Gaming.

If Google ends up releasing its Yeti streaming service, the search giant could be taking a huge step to establish itself in the gaming console market and take on competitors, like Sony or Nintendo.


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