Lucyd Loud: Prescription Compatible Ergonomic Smart Glasses

Smartphones have provided consumers with incredible technologies, and their reach has expanded to Bluetooth-connected devices, cars, and wearable tech. In fact, the wearables market is expected to grow in value from just over $10 billion in 2017 to almost $17 billion by 2021 according to Wearable Technologies. From fitness trackers to smart watches, it seems like more and more individuals are seeing the advantages of wearable tech.

Given this huge influx of wearable devices (and the profit from them), many companies are entering the market with new products — so how do companies differentiate themselves?

Take a look at Lucyd, a Singapore-based company that is changing the wearables market by bringing amazing technology into high profile smartglasses. Their frames combine fashion with user-friendly, hands-on technology that seamlessly integrates into everyday situations.

Imagine listening to music, taking calls, and using voice commands through your glasses. The convenience this could offer you would be huge! But you don’t have to imagine this, because these conveniences are available through Lucyd Loud.

Released just months ago, the Lucyd Loud smartglasses (or as Lucyd calls them, “soundglasses”) model is one of the company’s tech frames. As a comfortable mid-ground between sunglasses and glasses, the Lucyd Loud model is both light and comfortable, ergonomically designed for long term use. “Imagine if Bluetooth headphones and a pair of Oakleys had a baby,” said Lucyd co-founder, Harrison Gross.

The frame’s tech tool set is also impressive. At the core of the model is hifi audio, which delivers amazing sound quality to the wearer via “bone conduction technology,” — used in a number of high tech audio products. In essence, the smartglasses emit sound waves through your cheekbones and jaw and disperse sound into your inner ear, completely bypassing your eardrum. The cool part about this? Your ears are totally open and free to the outside world — so you don’t have to worry about blocking out your surroundings or taking out ear pieces to have a conversation.

The Lucyd Loud also features Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in microphone, and a trackpad along the side of the glasses for manual control. Plus, with the latest iPhone and Samsung smartphone models, you can also use voice commands to trigger specific functions through your smartphone assistant. Both Venmo and WhatsApp are supported by Lucyd Loud, with more third-party applications to follow.

To distribute their new Lucyd Loud frames, the company launched an eShop in August of this year. The eShop also showcases a number of unique features that foster customer interaction: a virtual try-on app that lets you “try before you buy,” the option to ask eye-health questions to a licensed optometrist, a selection of non-tech frames, and more. “The mission of Lucyd is to upgrade your eyewear, with the style and technology that fits you perfectly,” shared Gross. “The eShop will make the typically mundane chore of eyewear shopping into a fun, new experience.”

Unique to their eShop is the opportunity to purchase smartglasses with cryptocurrency. Users will soon be able to purchase apps and additional hardware with cryptocurrency through the store as well. This forward-thinking move by Lucyd is one of the many moves by leading retailers to popularize cryptocurrencies in the merchandise market.

Travel companies like Expedia and CheapAir have been experimenting with allowing customers to use Bitcoin, a leading cryptocurrency, to purchase flights and hotels through their sites. Other retailers like Overstock, Microsoft, and more are also accepting Bitcoin in an effort to diversify payment methods.

Although their tech frames are their flagship products, Lucyd also offers a number of fashionable frames, available with or without prescription lenses. Their goal is “to help you upgrade your eyewear hassle-free,” through their vast offerings, free shipping, 1-year coverage, and dynamic try-on app. It’s a huge upgrade for the eyewear and smartglasses buying experience.

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Payel Dutta
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