Movierulz 2019

Piracy has become an issue of global concern, it’s a fact. There are tons of websites available in the market which let you download pirated movies for free in HD.

Websites such as filmywap, movies 365 and Movierulz 2019 are responsible are promoting piracy and there is no doubt about it.

Talking about Movierulz, then this website is still spreading piracy even after the government banned its domain. Yes, it’s true. Now you must be thinking how is this possible if the domain is banned?.

Well, the answer is, they use different domain names to do this. And the sad part is even if the government has strict laws to stop this, they have no control over it.

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Telugu movie leaked by Movierulz 2019

Yes, recently a film of Telugu, starring movie star Vijay Deverakonda leaked on Movierulz. The real twist began when people took screenshots of the movie. They conveyed the message of leaks to the people was related to that movie.

Vijay Deverakonda was very upset about this and he also said that piracy is the biggest boon for the film industry in India.

Movierulz team arrested by Police

A few years back probably in 2015, some officials of cybercrime cell arrested 3 people in Hyderabad in the crime of spreading piracy. Those people uploaded movies online which constituted as piracy.

It has also been observed that the owners of these kinds of websites reside in some foreign countries which makes them even hard to catch.

In the police investigation of 2015, police also stated that the hosting servers of this website are from the Sri Lanka region.

Furthermore, locals were recording movies in cinema halls by using their mobile cameras and then upload it online. All these things happened and still, police have not managed to catch the suspects.

At last, we hope that the suspects are arrested as soon as possible.

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