11 Best RARBG Alternative Sites in 2024 ( Working )

RARBG was one of the most popular file-sharing websites that used the BitTorrent protocol.

This popular torrent website outperformed many other p2p file-sharing torrent websites due to its simplicity and a humungous collection of torrent files and magnet links of movies, games, tv series, web series, software, and ebooks.

Recently RARBG has been shut down, while there may be a few of its clones available online acting as RARBG replacement, it’s better to use an alternative than to fall for a spammy site.

NOTE: Techworm does not condone using torrents to illegally obtain content. Using the following torrent websites for illegal purposes is done entirely at your own risk. Techworm takes no responsibility for any legal problems you encounter.

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Top RARBG Alternatives in 2024

Below we have provided the list of best RARBG alternatives that you can use to download torrents with good speed.

1. Kickass Torrents

Best Features Simple and clean UI; Dedicated section for different category of torrents
Types of Content anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Availability Targeted by individual ISPs.
Mirror URL Link 1

Kickass Torrent was possibly one of the most favourite torrent websites among the entire Torrent community.

Well, a new website named Kickass Torrents (Katcr) was developed by a group of original KickassTorrent staff members.

This new torrent website has a fresh and secure database, but the UI is still simple and easy to navigate.

rarbg alternatives

Content on kickass torrents is very well segregated into different sections like movies, TV shows, Music, Games, applications and much more which make it one of the best site like RARBG.

In addition to that, capable filter tools like categories, sub-categories, and intervals make searching and exploring content on katcr a breeze.

Overall, kickass torrents is a perfect RARBG alternative.

VISIT kickass torrents

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2. 1337X

Best Features Simple and clean UI; Dedicated sections for different types of content
Types of Content anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Availability Banned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.
Mirror URL Link 1

1337X is another popular torrent website that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

Similar to RARBG, 1337x is a website that provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol.

websites like rarbg

1337X allows users to upload and share all sort of content on the platform. The homepage of 1337X displays top 100 and trending torrents.

In addition to that content, 1337X is organized into different categories like movies, televisions, games, music, anime, apps,  documentaries and much more.


3. The Pirate Bay

Best Features Magnet links supported; peer-to-peer file sharing
Types of Content movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Availability Banned in several countries and regions
Mirror URL Link 1

The next perfect alternative for RARBG is The Pirate Bay. This popular torrent website is one of the oldest and most reliable services for torrents.

You can use The Pirate Bay to download movies, TV shows, games, software and much more.

sites like rarbg for downloading torrent

The Pirate Bay has a  minimal UI, and you can only find a search bar with some primary filters on the homepage.

A majority of torrents on The Pirate Bay are verified. It is worth noting that, The Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries and regions.

Consequently, you can check out the Best Pirate Bay alternatives.

VISIT The Pirate Bay

4. Torlock

Best Features Torlock only lists verified torrents
Types of Content movies, TV shows, anime, software
Availability blocked in Australia, India, United Kingdom
Mirror URL Link 1

Torlock is the next impressive RARBG alternative site on the list. Torlock is one among very few websites that only list verified torrents.

Consequently, you won’t find any fake torrent content on Torlock.

rarbg alternatives

Just like RARBG Content on Torlock is very well organized into different sections like Movie Torrents, TV Torrents, Music Torrents, Game Torrents, Software Torrents, and eBooks Torrents.

Overall, Torlock has blend clean and simple UI. It’s a perfect website for sharing and downloading torrent content.

VISIT Torlock

5. Zooqle

Best Features No popups and advertisements; Availability of over 1,300 TV shows and 30,000 movies
Types of Content movies, TV shows
Availability Available in the entire world.
Mirror URL Link 1

Zooqle is another best website like RARBG and If you heavily rely on Torrent websites for downloading and watching movies or TV shows, then Zooqle will impress you.

Zooqle offers an extensive collection of exclusive movies, videos and TV shows. Moreover, it has a very well-developed and easy to navigate UI.

rarbg alternatives

A majority of content on Zooqle is available in a wide variety of quality like 3D, ultra, 1080p, 720p, std, med, and low quality.

In addition to that, Zooqle offers a simple one-click download option.

Lastly, Zooqle also displays the most seeded torrents on its homepage. All these nifty features make Zooqle one of the best RARBG alternatives.

VISIT Zooqle

6. YTS

Best Features Availability of movies in high-def 720p, 1080p, and even 3D.
Types of Content movies
Availability banned in Ireland
Mirror URL Link 1

The next impressive torrent website for downloading movies is YTS. Well, YTS is possibly the most well-developed website in this list of sites like RARBG.

You can easily find an extensive collection of many famous and exclusive movies. Furthermore, these movies are available in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality.

one of the rarbg alternative

YTS offers a direct one-click download option for all of the movies on the platform. In addition to that, YTS also offers impressive searching and exploring tools.

Lastly, YTS also provides detailed information like cast names, trailers, and synopsis for different movies. As for downsides, you won’t be able to find anything other than Movies on YTS.


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7. Torrent9

Best Feature Simple and well-developed UI
Types of Content movies, TV shows, games, music, software
Availability Blocked in many countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Morroco.
Mirror URL Link 1

The next perfect RARBG alternative on the list is Torrent9. Similar to RARBG, Torrent9 also offers verified torrents.

The UI of the website is visually impressive, and content is segregated into different sections like movies, TV shows, games, music, anime, software, and many others.

torrent site like rarbg

Torrent9 also features the most popular torrents which are mentioned in the above categories on its homepage.

Overall its a perfect french torrent website for downloading all sort of content.

VISIT Torrent9

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8. LimeTorrents

Best Features One-click torrents downloads; LimeTorrents displays the size and the upload time of every torrent.
Types of Content movies, games, software, ebooks
Availability Banned in Australia, France, United Kingdom.
Mirror URL Link 1

LimeTorrents is another capable website that is a perfect RARBG alternative.

Content on LimeTorrents is very well organized in different sections like movies, games, music, and software just like the kick-ass torrents.

limetorrents, a site like rarbg to download torrents

This website offer verified one-click torrents downloads. LimeTorrent has a minimal UI and the color scheme also reflects the website’s name.

LimeTorrent also displays New Torrents and Top Torrents on its homepage. In addition to that, content filters make searching and exploring content a breeze. All these nifty features make LimeTorrents a perfect RARBG alternative.

VISIT LimeTorrents

9. SeedPeer

Best Features Advanced filtering options; A decade-old torrent website
Types of Content Movies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime, adult content.
Availability Targeted by individual ISPs.
Mirror URL Link 1

The next perfect RARBG alternative on the list is SeedPeer. Well, SeedPeer is the renamed version of the popular decade-old torrent website Meganova.

This torrent website offers a visually clean user interface and has an extensive collection of high-quality torrents.

top 10 sites like rarbg

Content on SeedPeer is segregated in different categories like movies, shows, applications, etc. SeedPeer displays the age, size, seeds, peers, and health of a particular torrent link.

Furthermore, SeedPeer also has a dedicated section for Verified torrents. Lastly, SeedPeer also displays the new torrents on its homepage and its divided into today and yesterday section.

VISIT SeedPeer

10. EZTV

Best Features No popups and advertisements
Types of Content movies, TV shows
Availability Blocked in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom.
Mirror URL Link 1

The next and some call it, the perfect RARBG alternative on the list is EZTV. Similar to all other websites, you can easily find and download content. EZTV has an outdated UI, but it gets the job done.

sites like rarbg for download TV shows

EZTV offers an extensive collection of exclusive movies and TV shows. Furthermore, the website also displays the latest website news on its homepage.

In addition to that, TV shows are also aired on EZTV and a day’s schedule is displayed under the “Airs Today On EZTV” section.


11. iDope

Best Features Easy interface, magnet links
Types of Content Games, Movies, TV shows, Software
Availability Everywhere
Mirror URL Link 1

We have added another alternative to RARBG. iDope gets straight to what you need. iDope is like a search engine for torrents.

iDope is a good rarbg alternative

There is a search bar which is for finding torrents. Then you can download torrents directly from the results page through the magnet links.

That is the only way to download here as torrent files are not available.

Apart from that, there is the “MyDope” section. This segment features a collection of torrent links across various genres, handpicked by users. Keep that list handy for upcoming updates.

And remember to explore the iDope app for downloading torrents on mobile devices.


Has RARBG shut down?

RARBG has finally shut down.

The team of RARBG cited several issues for shutting down the site including the death of several of its staff during covid, the rising cost of operations, the financial crisis, and the Russia-Ukraine war which have caused conflict between its staff.

Is Torrenting Legal?

One of the most common questions associated with downloading Torrent content is “Is Torrenting Legal?”.

In principle, it is. However, if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted content then it’s an illegal activity.

In fact, the copyright holder may even take legal action against you. This comes under the category of pirated content.

That said, if you are sharing now-copyrighted content then Torrenting is completely legal.

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So these were some of the best RARBG alternatives.

You can even use proxy sites to bypass RARBG blockage and use a torrent client such as Utorrent to download torrent files from these sites.

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