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10 Best Free Football Streaming Sites To Watch Live Game

Free Football Streaming Sites

Football enthusiasts are all over the world and billions of people love to play and watch major football tournaments.

Well, if you have been looking for some reliable sites to watch football matches online, then you are reading the right article.

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So these are some of the best free football streaming sites that are worth checking out.

Top 10 Best Free Football Streaming Sites To Watch Online


1. SonyLIV

The first and one of the most reliable football streaming site on the list is SonyLIV. This well-developed sports streaming site can be used to watch both live football events and highlights.

After signing up for SonyLIV you can even follow your favorite football club. Furthermore, if you get the paid subscription the service offers personalized content.

In addition to football streaming, SonyLIV also has a dedicated section for sports event updates and news. Apart from football, you can also watch other major sports like live cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and WWE on SonyLIV.




  1. I think ­ NFLTVNOW­­ can be good place for you. You also will have there very good lives with all season games.

  2. Been watching soccer since I was a little kid, it’s something me and my dad do every once in a while now as well. There are plenty of good games I want to stream and watch with him, but I always struggle to find decent links that actually work. So thanks for the list, I’ll definitely bookmark it and try it out with Surfshark.


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