New trouble for Demonoid, as domain name expires

Demonoid’s domain name expires, staffers launch a backup community

In September this year, we had reported that the founder and operator of Demonoid, a popular BitTorrent tracker and one of the oldest torrent communities online, had gone missing. To make things worse, Demonoid’s tracker sub-site, had also gone offline.

Back then, Demonoid staffer ‘Phase’ had told TorrentFreak, “We don’t know why Deimos is not on Demonoid, but if I have to guess those are real-life issues and Demonoid at this moment is not a priority. I really hope that he will return in the next 1-2 months and keep this place up and running like he did last year.”

He added, “Right now, we can only wait as Demonoid is hosted on 6 continents and if one of the locations have some minor issue, the whole site will face partial issues.”

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But, this time around, Demonoid has been offline for weeks and a few days ago its main domain name expired, reports TorrentFreak. In the past too, Demonoid would be down for weeks and even months due to some technical issues, but the website would reappear as if nothing ever happened.

The staff has still not received any signs of life from the operator over the past few weeks. In fact, just recently, the most recent domain name expired, which could risk it of being lost altogether.

When TorrentFreak contacted Demonoid staffer Phase regarding the expiry of the domain name to which the staffer said that Deimos may revive the site in the future, but it is not known whether he’s aware of the domain issue. If the domain isn’t renewed soon, the registrar will delete it from the records completely.

“I contacted TLD registrar solutions on behalf of the Demonoid and staff members asking if it’s possible to pay up the domain expenses so the domain doesn’t get lost,” Phase told TorrentFreak.

However, this move hasn’t helped them, as all .pw email addresses are still currently inactive. Phase says he still has the old [email protected] handle and he is hoping that the registrar will contact him there with a solution.

Further, with no access to the site’s Twitter account, Demonoid’s staff is finding it difficult to update users on the current situation. As a result, many users are fooled by copycat sites, says Phase. For instance, encourages visitors to download a scammy client.

Currently, it remains uncertain if or when the real Demonoid will come back. However, in order to keep the spirit of the Demonoid community going, the staff have temporarily created new fora at where the users can get the latest updates or have a random chat.

“We staff established a Demonoid Fora for the fans so they can have at least some sense of home while Demonoid is gone. This forum is not file sharing related in any way, it’s just a way to help the community stay together,” Phase says.

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