Google Search is testing ‘Learn To Pronounce’ feature in different speeds and accents

Google Search’s new feature will teach you how to pronounce words in different accents

Over a period of time, Google Search has become a lifeline for many of us and the go-to-place to find answers for any kind of queries ranging from food, health, entertainment, weather, and much more. Not only this, it also serves as a platform for us to learn new things.

Google is always looking to better its services and make it more user-friendly. And one such service is its ‘Search’ feature. Apparently, Google is testing a new feature that will help users learn how to pronounce words in different accents and speeds, reports Android Police.

Google Search is testing Learn To Pronounce feature
Image: Android Police

The new “Learn to Pronounce” feature will help users to correctly pronounce a word, which will be played in both American and British accents. Also, it allows managing the speed of pronunciation for a word for those users who have trouble in understanding the accent.

For the unaware, when a user searches for the definition of a particular word in Google Search, it displays the meaning of the word in question along with a small speaker icon next to the said word to hear how it is pronounced.

The introduction of the new feature will pop up the ‘Learn To Pronounce’ box below the word, which when tapped will open up a new search card. For instance, if you search for “onomatopoeia,” a box will reportedly appear that directs to a new search for “how to pronounce” that will have the written pronunciation of the word along with a small speaker icon placed next to it.

It will then give a drop-down option, which will have the British or American pronunciation of the given word that the user needs to choose from. Additionally, there is also an option to slow down the speed of the audio pronunciation in case it is not understandable.

Google has yet to officially confirm the release or testing of the new feature. However, the feature is already displaying for some users, according to Android Police. This could mean that Google may slowly roll out the feature to users in coming weeks. Keep watching this for more updates!

Source: Android Police

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