Reddit often referred to as the front page of the internet is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used by millions of users. Anything that you can think of has a subreddit. Reddit makes it easier to interact with like-minded people on the internet.

Well, if you have been scouting for some of the best Reddit clients for Android smartphones and Windows PC then this article might help you. So these are some of the best Reddit clients for Android and Windows users.

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Best Reddit Apps For Android

1. Reddit Offline

The first best Reddit app for Android on the list is Reddit Offline. As the name says the app lets you use Reddit even when you are not connected to the internet. Using this free Reddit app you can download large sections including images and comments of the website and later read them.

The UI of Reddit Offline is fairly clean & simple and the app allows users to schedule their downloads.

Download Reddit Offline

2. RedReader

RedReader is the next best Reddit app for Android. This opensource Reddit app supports multiple accounts and allows users to customize swipe actions for upvoting or downvoting posts.

RedReader also has a dark mode which might interest some users. Overall, RedReader is a reliable Reddit app that simply gets the job done.

Download RedReader

3. Sync for Reddit

The next best Reddit app for Android is Sync for Reddit. This feature-rich Reddit app has a very well-developed material UI and the app can be personalized using customization tools. Similar to RedReader, the dark mode helps preserve some battery on AMOLED displays.

Sync for Reddit also supports multiple accounts and the multi-window feature helps users to open multiple subreddits at once.

Download Sync for Reddit

4. Relay for Reddit

Reddit Clients For Android And Windows

Relay for Reddit is another reliable Reddit app for Android. If you prefer using a card-based interface then the material design of this app might impress you. The app also has a dedicated section for trending posts on Reddit.

Inline previewing, moderator features, dark mode, extensive customization tools are some of the nifty features that Relay for Reddit offers.

Download Relay For Reddit

5. Reddit Is Fun

Reddit Clients For Android And Windows

Reddit is Fun is an underrated Reddit client for Android that packs some interesting features. The UI of Reddit is fun seems to be similar to the original Reddit site. Reddit is Fun has dedicated sections for different categories like new, saved, and top posts.

You can upgrade to the premium version if advertisements annoy you. Overall, Reddit is Fun is a reliable Reddit app.

Download Reddit Is Fun

Best Reddit Apps For Windows

1. Readit

The first best Reddit app for Windows users on the list is Readit. Using Readit you can pin your favorite subreddits to your start screen for easy access. Readit has a very well developed UI and the app also offers customizable themes.

Gilded comments indicator, secondary tiles, detailed notification, and complete Reddit markdown support are some of the nifty features of Readit.

Download Readit

2. Baconit

Baconit is one of the highest rated Reddit clients for Windows 10. The app packs every helpful feature that you can think of. Baconit is very well-optimized for Windows 10 devices and the app offers reliable performance.

This Reddit client for Windows has a dynamic UI that makes browsing Reddit a good experience. Overall Baconit is a good Reddit client for Windows that simply gets the job done.

Download Baconit

3. Reddit ReddHub

Reddit ReddHub is an underrated Reddit client for Windows. This fully featured Reddit client has a very well-developed and easy to navigate UI. ReddHub has every basic feature that makes browsing Reddit a breeze.

In addition to that, the app integrates with Windows search and share. Lastly, detailed notifications allow users to perform certain actions without opening the app.

Download Reddit ReddHub

4. ReddPlanet

ReddPlanet is a comparatively new yet feature-rich Reddit client for Windows 10 devices. The UI of this Reddit client can be easily navigated with a keyboard and it’s completely ad-free.

As for downsides, ReddPlanet doesn’t support multiple accounts. Overall, it’s a good Reddit client that simply gets the job done.

Download ReddPlanet

5. Reddify

Reddify is the last best Reddit client for Windows. This Reddit client has a visually appealing UI. Furthermore, the app offers four different views i.e. list, card, news, and pictures that enhance the overall Reddit experience.

In addition to windows, you can also download Reddify on google chrome web browser.

Download Reddify


So these were some of the best Reddit clients for Android smartphones and Windows PC. Do share any of your personal recommendations for the best Reddit client for Android smartphones and Windows PC in the comments section below.