“Santorini” is the new codename for Microsoft’s Windows Lite OS

Microsoft has been reportedly rumored working on a new light version of the desktop operating system (OS) codenamed “Windows Lite.” This OS is built on Windows Core OS for lightweight computing. This OS is designed to compete with Google’s Chrome OS in the education sector and other markets.

The name “Windows Lite” first appeared in a Windows 10 SDK and will run applications from the Microsoft Windows Store and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). The rumored Lite desktop OS does not replace any existing version of Windows and it is not something that the users would run on the desktop. Lite will also have instant-on functionality and it should be able to run on any CPU.

Now, Zac Bowden, a journalist with Windows Central, reports that Microsoft has finalized a new codename “Santorini” instead of Lite for its new platform. For those unaware, the codename is usually the nickname assigned to software and hardware when Microsoft tests it internally.

Santorini will offer an entirely new experience that has been designed to meet the specific needs of the students who will use it. It will run on a number of new devices including “Centaurus” and “Pegasus”. The Centaurus is a dual-screen device, while Pegasus is a new line of Notebooks running Lite OS with different configurations or features.

While Microsoft has not formally confirmed any such reports, we may likely get to hear more about information about Windows Lite this spring.