Russia Plans To Disconnect From The Global Internet

The Russian government accompanied with major internet providers has planned to briefly disconnect the entire country from the global internet. This test will completely isolate the Russian internet aka Runet from the rest of the world.

The primary reason behind this internet shutdown is to test the security of Russian data. So here’s everything you need to know about the internet shutdown test in Russia.

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Russia Plans To Disconnect From The Global Internet

For a limited period of time, the Russian government will completely disconnect Russia from the global internet. The Internet shutdown test in Russia will impact private citizens, power grids and even the military systems.

According to some reliable sources, the test will last for about 30 minutes and it will be conducted before 1st April. Every major Russian ISP will redirect all network traffic to nodes that are controlled by the Russian government.

This test will include the creation of an alternative domain name system (DNS) to protect the Russian-language section of the internet if in case it is disconnected from the World Wide Web.

The test will also help the Russian Government to gather insight and provide additional feedback and modifications to proposed laws.

Russian Internet Shutdown Test: Benefits

The Internet shutdown test will help the Russian government to monitor and completely abandon the websites containing banned information. In addition to that, the test will allow centralized control to all of the national internet traffic and also minimize the transfer of data to foreign servers.

Well, the Russian government carried out a drill back in mid-2014 to gather people’s response on the internet being disconnected from the web. The test will probably cost around 23 billion rubles or roughly $350 million.

Do share your thoughts and opinions on the internet shutdown test in Russia in the comments section below.

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    • Exactly what I was thinking. The Russians disconnect from the Internet, then launch a major attack on it. The potential damage could be catastrophic to the rest of the world. And I’m sure the U.S. government is utterly unprepared.


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