Microsoft is open-sourcing Windows Calculator app on GitHub

Microsoft has open-sourced its iconic Windows Calculator app, a software calculator preinstalled on every Windows system, on GitHub under the MIT license. This includes the source code, build system, unit tests, and product roadmap.

“Our goal is to build an even better user experience in partnership with the community. We are encouraging your fresh perspectives and increased participation to help define the future of Calculator,” writes Microsoft in a blog post.

Developers can now view or contribute to the development of the Calculator app in Windows 10, and also easily integrate elements of Calculator into their own apps. They can also participate in discussions about new features, report or fix bugs, and suggest new features and prototypes. Also, exploring the Calculator code is a great way for the developers to learn about the Universal Windows Platform, XAML, Fluent Design, and Azure Pipelines, says Microsoft.

Developers can also reuse the code to build their own projects, and Microsoft will be bringing custom controls and API extensions from the app into the Windows Community Toolkit and the Windows UI Library. You can find the project here, and the full documentation on the open-source Calculator app here.