Zippyshare now shows “Forbidden Message” to more users

After UK and Germany, Zippyshare now gets mysteriously blocked in Spain

Zippyshare, the popular file-hosting service, is currently blocking users in Spain from accessing the site, reports TorrentFreak.

In fact, Zippyshare in recent months has seen mysteriously blocking visitors from accessing their service, such as the sharing hub in March this year became largely inaccessible to users in the UK, and a few weeks later German visitors too were subjected to the same treatment.

While there were speculations that the local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could have blocked the site, but it appears otherwise. For some reason, the site is blocking itself from selective regions.

Anyone visiting the site is greeted with a ‘403: Forbidden’ message instead of the regular homepage when they try to access the site, suggesting that these regions have been specifically banned by the operators.

Apparently, the site is no longer accessible to visitors from Southern European countries, or anyone who accesses the site from a Spanish IP-address. However, those using French VPN (virtual private network) server could still access the platform.

So, it is unclear if the website has shut down voluntarily or not. Zippyshare’s site operators have yet to officially comment on the situation.

For those unaware, Zippyshare, which was founded in 2006, has an estimated 100 million users and is listed among the 500 most-visited sites on the Internet.

While the site may be blocked, it is still possible to access the site using a VPN or the TOR browser provided it is not from a server in one of the blocked countries.

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