Canadian Police turns on Facebook’s ‘cat-filter’ while live streaming press conference

RCMP apologizes after accidentally live-streaming press conference on a double murder with Facebook cat filter on

British Columbia’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (BCRCMP) was left red-faced after someone handling the law enforcement’s social media had accidentally turned on the “cat filter” during live-streaming of a press conference on Facebook about a double murder.

Sergeant Janelle Shoihet, from the RCMP of British Columbia, who was addressing a double homicide matter on Friday blamed “technical difficulties” for the error.

She was giving a briefing about the double murders of American woman Chynna Noelle Deese, 24 and her Australian boyfriend Lucas Fowler, 23, whose bodies were found July 15 on a remote B.C. highway.

In the original coverage on Friday, Shoihet is seen addressing the press conference with pointy pink ears, a kitty’s nose, and whiskers due to the cat filter.

A reporter (Tyler Dawson) used Twitter to alert the police about the cat filter:


Many reacted to the incident and took to Twitter to criticize the force.

One took to the social networking site to write: “Honestly, devastated families are watching these clowns beclown themselves; they’re reliant on them to solve the murders.”

Another said: “Someone at RCMP is missing a few brain cells.”

A third posted: “Boy, this should bring comfort to the families. What a joke.”

While a fourth stated: “This is something they should’ve checked when doing a presser on murder.”

The BCRCMP later apologized over the gaff and said in a Twitter post: “Yes we are aware and addressing it as it’s an automatic setting. Thank you, we will rectify and issue a video shortly.

The news conference was re-recorded without the cat filter and the new version was posted to Facebook on Friday.

Please see our Facebook Live media availability in regards to the Northern Rockies double homicide. Update: Suspicious Death Investigation Continues

Posted by BC RCMP on Friday, 19 July 2019

Last month, a similar incident had occurred in Pakistan when a volunteer had accidentally activated the Facebook’s “cat filter” during live broadcasting of a press conference by Pakistani regional minister Shaukat Yousafzai.

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