MP3 Stream-Ripping Sites Can No Longer Convert YouTube Clips

YouTube, the popular video streaming platform, is actively blocking several MP3 stream-ripping websites from downloading and converting files from YouTube, reports TorrentFreak.

For those unaware, stream-ripping websites usually take content mainly from YouTube along with other streaming platforms and convert streams into downloads, that allows users to permanently store content – usually music – on a local machine.

Many stream-ripper websites have confirmed that YouTube is actively blocking ripping requests. For instance, operator of explained that “All my servers are blocked with error ‘HTTP Error 429: Too Many Requests.” As a result, the stream-ripping website is currently displaying a “service temporarily unavailable, we will come back soon” error message.

Another stream-ripper site, is too facing the same problem. According to its operator, users are now greeted with a ‘this URL does not exist’ error message when they try to convert a YouTube clip.

Besides the above two, the hugely popular and one of the top 200 most-visited sites on the Internet,, seems to be affected as well. The website can no longer convert YouTube clips and convert only Vimeo. If anyone tries to convert a YouTube clip, the site reads, “Oops! An error has occurred.  Please try converting again.”

Apparently, none of the stream-ripping site operators were forewarned by YouTube.

Further, YouTube’s blocking efforts haven’t apparently affected all stream-rippers. The operator of a popular stream-ripper, who prefers to remain anonymous, found a workaround the blockade by deploying several proxy servers to offer stream-ripping services. Also, YouTube converters such as and, are continuing to work just fine.

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TorrentFreak who contacted YouTube for a comment have not yet responded on the issue.

Several prominent music labels such as Sony, Universal, and Warner, who have been fighting against stream-ripping sites have managed to shut down sites such as YouTube-MP3, among others. They are also currently involved in a civil lawsuit against and in the U.S.

While YouTube has stepped up this time to block stream-ripping sites, it remains to be seen if it continues with these countermeasures in the future.