Convert2MP3 Is Dead, Best Alternatives

Is Convert2MP3 not working for you? Well, you are not alone. After 2 years of legal battle, IFPI, the worldwide voice of the record labels has finally won the class action suit against the online YouTube video ripper Convert2MP3 and it has shut down.

The MP4 to MP3 ripper service has served over 640 million visitors in the past year. The market is flooded with Convert2MP3 alternatives. 

One of the major reasons for the success of Convert2MP3 has been YouTube’s market share in the online music streaming market which constitutes 47% of total music streamed online.

Since the demise of the immensely popular music ripper, users are searching for sites like Convert2MP3 for downloading/listening to music. There is a growing demand for a service to convert YouTube videos into MP3 or any other playable format for that matter.

We have compiled a list of a few best legal websites like convert2mp3.

5 Best Convert2MP3 Alternatives

1. Spotify

The void left in the peer-to-peer music market which was created by Napster could not be filled by any other portal, service. CDs and radio recordings were not just the same as they offered a limited collection of songs. Expanding the library meant shelling out more green.


Spotify launched in 2008, after 2 years of incubation and has taken the audio streaming market by the neck and turned the table upside down. They have given the redefined audio streaming with the industry’s first of its kind per-stream payment model. 

The music streaming giant has gone strength to strength since its inception, now serving over 220 million users worldwide with 100 million being paid subscribers.

Consequently, Spotify is one of the most popular convert2mp3 alternatives. 

What We Liked-

  • Collection of over 40 million songs – Spotify offers a Plethora of songs to choose from and their recent expansion to East-Asia which led to a deal being inked with Indian music giant T-series has only made the pot sweeter for the users.
  • Unparalleled Recommendation system– Music recommendation system has been their USP for many users as the recommendations are top-notch. It helps explore undiscovered music according to a user’s taste in music.
    First-time users get a prompt to select their favorite genres from the palette and the artist they like.
    You are ready to hit the road with personalized
    daily mix playlists which are music suggestions based on your streaming history. They get refined as you listen to more music
  • User-curated playlists – Playlists created by users can be turned publicly visible and searchable on the platform. There are playlists for every mood, for instance, jogging and bubble bath

What Could be Better 

Ghosting of songs – Copyrights and legal license issues has resulted in the unavailability of an assortment of music.
It has marred the user experience in some markets like India and East-Asia.

Download Spotify For Android

Download Spotify For iOS

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2. Amazon Music

Started as an online music purchase and download store in 2008, Amazon Music is a perfect alternative to

Amazon Music expanded to digital streaming in late 2014 by bundling it with Amazon Prime. Prime is a premium membership offering exclusive features to its members when shopping on Amazon.

Amazon Music

With a collection of over 35 million songs, Amazon has managed to give a stiff competition to Spotify in price-sensitive markets like India. 

What We Liked

  • Inexpensive – Prime Music is bundled with Amazon Prime, which includes Prime Video(an Internet video-on-demand service, similar to Netflix), priority shipping amongst other things.
    It essentially makes it a lucrative package and converting to MP3 seems like rather tedious work.
  • Lyrics – Feel like singing along a favorite song or trying to keep up with Eminem’s swift verses, then lyrics has got you covered. This feature has been introduced recently covering virtually all popular/top charts songs.
  • Stream audio quality – Offering up to 320Kbps of bitrate, which is above the industry norm of 256Kbps. A trained ear or an audiophile can certainly discern the difference.

What Could be Better 

  • Add more artist – The musicophile in me found the absence of many artists a tad bit infuriating. While the popular, top-tier artists were on the platform but the less famed although talented artists were nowhere to be found.
  • Limited coverage – It is only available to 13 markets worldwide, catering to over 29 million users.

Download Amazon Music For Android

Download Amazon Music For iOS

3. Apple Music

iPod and iTunes revolutionized premium music in their own domains like no one else could. Apparently, Apple wanted to mirror that in online music streaming. The year 2014 was the time when the vision got its legs to stand on. They announced its arrival after the acquisition of Beats Electronics.

Apple Music

The deal included Beats Music, which was an online subscriber-based music streaming service, and it provided the foot in the door for Apple into the music streaming industry.

What We Liked

  • Beats1 Radio – A 24/7 internet radio that streams different genres of music, ranging from indie to country rock. It is available on iTunes and Apple Music.
  • Lyrics for Songs – Lyrics are available virtually for all the songs in the service, unlike Prime Music which is still in its nascent stage in introducing this feature.
  • Video contentSeveral noted musicians have released documentaries, exclusive albums on Apple music before airing it anywhere else.

What Could be Better 

  • Non-Apple device support – The app for Android is full of bugs and lacks certain features. It is all Apple in terms of integration and support. On the contrary, the likes of Spotify, Amazon among others have an effortless experience across different platforms, devices.
  • No-free version – Their biggest competitor Spotify offers a free version while Apple does not. A 3-month trial is in place, however, to help you decide if it is worth touching your wallet.

Download Apple Music For Android

Download Apple Music For iOS

4. YouTube Music

We all have at some point used YouTube for listening to music. A browser tab that plays music in the background while we cruise through our work. YouTube discerned this fact and decided to launch a standalone app in the fall of 2015 to become a direct competitor of Apple Music and Spotify.

YouTube Music

You can say ciao to your old habit of converting MP4 files for listening to songs. YT music offers freemium and premium plans with the option to upgrade via Google play credits along with the conventional methods of payment. The free plan definitely has the potential to be a convert2MP3 alternative for users who cannot afford a paid subscription.

What We Liked

  • Search songs through lyrics – An artificial intelligence backed search that allows songs to be searched by typing the lyrics a user can recollect. Next time that tacky bit of a song is stuck in your head, be sure to jot down the broken lyrics you remember and find the song. It is the Shazam for the lyrics stuck in your brain.
  • Music and more – Integration with YouTube allows a user to search for not only music but anything that is on YouTube. Listen to audio-books and podcasts on the go without the need to switch apps.
  • Audio-only mode – Services like convert2mp3 can take a backseat when YouTube is itself providing the alternative to go audio-mode which only loads the audio that saves your mobile data.

What Could be Better 

  • Mobile application optimization – The smartphone application is effortless in functionality and offers fluidic user feedback. The only downside we could find is the battery consumption which is south of being optimal as compared to its competitors.
  • Competitive Pricing – While all of their competitors are priced at $9.99, YouTube Music has increased its price to $11.99 to everyone’s utter surprise.

Download YouTube Music For Android

Download YouTube Music For iOS

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5. JioSaavn

Formerly known as Saavn and Jio Music, JioSaavn is an Indian music streaming service primarily offering Bollywood oriented music comprising of 15 languages. 


The service boasts of having a collection of over 50 million songs from different genres, including English. It was acquired by Jio in 2018 and merged with JioMusic.

What We Liked

  • Five devices per Premium account  – The highest number of devices per account in our list. You can log in up to 5 devices from one account. The music playback is limited to one device, similar to all other music streaming services.
  • Biggest collection of Indian music – The variety of songs of Indian music which is offered by JioSaavn cannot be toppled by Spotify itself, even after their license deal with Indian bigwig record label T-Series.

What Could be Better 

  • Much Better Interface – JioSaavn is a very well developed application. That said, it’s UI is a bit buggy and laggy on Android OS.
  • Good Music Suggestion – JioSaavn lacks good music discovery and suggestions tools. Unlike, Spotify it doesn’t offer suggestions that might suit the taste of the user.


Download JioSaavn For Android

Download JioSaavn For iOS

Why using the Convert2MP3 alternatives might be the best thing right now

    1. High Audio quality – YouTube offers 156Kbps audio bitrate on their platform for the uploads and converting it to MP3 often distorts quality to a lower bitrate.
      The audio quality is often butchered from a higher quality AAC-LC audio codec and MP4 video container(H.264) when converting to MP4.
      On the other hand, music streaming services offer 256 to 1411Kbps bitrate of high-quality audio, delivering crisp and clear audio without any kind of distortion or noise.
    2. Lack of Metadata – When you convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4, the metadata is absent. In simpler words, information like artist, genre, album cover art, etc. The ripped songs lack a certain feel of aesthetics in your playlist with bland, generic information from the ripper service like Convert2MP3
    3. Piracy is a crime – In a majority of developed countries, piracy laws are stringent and infringing them can land you in trouble with the laws of the land.
    4. Affordable – Online music streaming services have priced their plans keeping in mind the affordability of their services in certain markets.
      This has helped make it cheaper than in other countries. Promotional bundling of the services with the subscription of other digital products, internet broadband services has certainly given it a nudge in the right direction.
    5. Freemium – Major services like Spotify, YouTube Music, etc offer a free plan for streaming music without paying a penny. Advertisements are present on the free plan between track playing and non-intrusive ads in the UI of the player. If you cannot afford subscription right now then the freemium version is the way to go.


So these were some of the best alternatives to Convert2MP3. These music streaming services will help you to stream almost every song in existence.

Do share any of your recommendations for the best Convert2MP3 alternative in the comments section below.

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