YouTube Music will now come pre-installed by default on new Android devices

Google has announced that YouTube Music will come pre-installed as a part of its suite of apps on all new mobile devices launching with Android 10 (and Android 9), including its Pixel devices. In other words, YouTube Music is set to replace Google Play Music as the default music streaming app on all new Android smartphones that ship with Android 10 and Android 9 Pie.

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“YouTube Music is your personal guide through the complete world of music—whether it’s a hot new song, hard to find gem, or an unmissable music video. Music fans on Android phones can now easily unlock the magic of YouTube Music,” announced YouTube’s Music Product Manager, Brandon Bilinski in a blog post on Friday.

“Music listeners on Android devices are now just a few taps away from streaming their go-to tracks and discovering new music. From the gym to the car, to work—it’s all here, right in your back pocket. Discover official songs, albums and playlists, music videos, remixes, live performances, hard-to-find music, and more. Whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered.”

Since YouTube Music will be bundled by default on Android devices, Google’s other music service, Google Play Music, will no longer be available by default.

Instead, the company says Google Play Music subscribers with Android 10 devices “can continue to enjoy Google Play Music by downloading it from the Play Store and logging into their accounts,” if they wish. For those, who don’t have Android 10 yet, can simply visit the Play Store to get the YouTube Music app, if desired.

For some time now, Google has been contemplating replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music, as the latter requires more subscribers. The reason behind lack of subscribers is that YouTube Music has had to compete with Android’s built-in music app (Google Play Music) for subscribers.

With Google focusing more on developing YouTube Music, it is clear that the search giant is looking to gain more customers by making them choose YouTube Music as their preferred music streaming service now that the app is preinstalled.

While Google has yet to officially replace Google Play Music, the work is still going on, the search giant says.

“As we’ve previously announced, eventually we plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. As part of the transition, YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music and come preinstalled on new Android Q devices,” a YouTube spokesperson confirmed.