Coronavirus: Man Ignores Lockdown To Play ‘Pokemon Go’, Gets Arrested

The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced many of the countries to opt for lockdown with the hopes of controlling the rapidly spreading deadly disease.

Italy is one such country that is massively impacted by the coronavirus and has been under strict lockdown since March 9th, 2020.

People in Italy are only allowed to come out of their homes only to get food, medicines, going to work, or performing essential services.

However, this lockdown did not deter a 31-year-old man from breaking the coronavirus quarantine to play the augmented reality (AR) game, ‘Pokemon Go’.

The man was detained by the Carabinieri on the streets of San Fermo, in the northern Como province, which was one of the critical outbreak centers at the start of the pandemic in Europe.

According to a report in the Italian newspaper Leggo, the man had gone outside with his daughter to play Pokemon Go. He then dropped his daughter home and ventured out again on the street to continue playing the AR game.

When police asked him as to why he had violated the country’s lockdown restrictions, he told the Carabinieri, “I have to hunt the Pokemon.”

The police had no option but to charge him, who joined the ranks of 43,000 other people in the region who have been charged for breaking the lockdown rules.

Last Sunday, Italy announced 651 deaths in one day, bringing its total to 5,476, the highest among any countries. The number of total confirmed cases in Italy is currently at 59,138.

In this time of crisis, we are not only responsible for our safety but also for the safety of our fellow citizens. Be indoors, stay safe!!!

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Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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