Disinfect Groceries, Masks, PPE Kits in Less than 10 Minutes with CoronaOven

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, people around the world are creatively coming up with products or ideas to curb the spread of the virus, Coronaoven is another innovative product added to this list.

Knowing the fact that coronavirus lasts on almost every type of surface for long durations and can be easily contracted by touching those surfaces. Hospitals are avoiding the reuse of face masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), thus causing a serious shortage of the same.

A Bengaluru (India)-based nanotechnology start-up “Log 9 Materials” came up with the idea of decontaminating device “Coronaoven” that can be used for sanitizing masks, PPE (personal protective equipment) kits and grocery items conveniently that too in less than 10 minutes time.

The device is based on the principle of UltraViolet germicidal irradiation, which has been developed in a very short span of time almost in less than two weeks.

Here’s what Akshay Singhal, the co-founder, and CEO of Log 9 Materials, said describing the device:

“Addressing the concerns of our households, and reducing the stress on the supply of PPEs and masks in hospitals, we developed the CoronaOven, a lightweight, portable disinfection chamber (of 20 litres volume) specifically designed to kill various types of Coronaviruses, including the novel COVID-19, using UV-C light (having wavelength of 253.7 nm) in combination with significant design parameters. This device can disinfect various surfaces from germs,”

This zero-chemical device can sanitize various solid surfaces such as plastic, metal, fabric, etc, including currency notes and paper documents. From healthcare to household and even disinfecting delivery packages on-the-go, CoronaOven has multiple applications.

The device has already been listed on the Government of India’s e-marketplace portal (GEM) and is available in two variants one battery-based which is portable and other plug-ins to a power source.

The company is further planning for commercializing the product and has applied for its mass-production patent.

Shweta Shekhar
Shweta Shekhar
A tech grad, an avid and venturesome traveler who believes in altruism. Motto: Spread knowledge, spread the power!


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