Users of OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 5 smartphone series are complaining about facing a weird audio swap problem when using wired headphones, which was first spotted by Android Police

Complaints on OnePlus forumsReddit, and XDA’s forums suggests that several OnePlus device owners are noticing a weird issue that reverses the audio channels of wired headphones. In other words, the strange bug on the smartphone is causing the left side audio of the headphone to come from the right side and the right one from the left side. 

While this is not a big issue while listening, the audio bug does, however, cause inconvenience while playing some games and videos. The problem of the audio swap has also been noticed in the use of official accessories, dongles, and USB Type-C headphones. 

However, the issue just exists for some users who are using wired earphones on their OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 5 smartphones. Nevertheless, the problem doesn’t exist when users use wireless earphones on their OnePlus smartphones.

Currently, there is no official fix for the problem yet, but some users have either installed third-party apps like VLC to reverse audio channels or resorted to listening to mono audio or even rooted their phones to get around the audio issue. 

OnePlus is aware of the audio bug and is trying to fix it. While the company has not mentioned when it will resolve the issue, we should expect to see an update fix rolling out soon.