Pirate Site Nites.tv Returns Following ACE Seizure

Nites.tv, a highly-polished pirate streaming site, has returned under a new domain following the ACE seizure, reports TorrentFreak.

For those unaware, Nites.tv has a huge catalogue of films and a never-ending supply of classics, and offers more than 30,000 movies and over 100 live TV channels for free.

The streaming website started gaining significant traction a few months ago but received a major setback when it suddenly disappeared around April 19.

It was replaced by the familiar ‘seizure’ notice of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a coalition of some 30 major global entertainment companies and film studios aimed at protecting profits from copyrighted material.

However, Nites.tv made an announcement via Twitter two days later stating that it is shutting down since it has taken “copyright violations very seriously” and intends to “vigorously protect the rights of legal copyright owners”.

“We take copyright violations very seriously and will vigorously protect the rights of legal copyright owners. For that, we decided to shut down our services. We are working on other ways to show you good content in a legal way,” the platform announced.

By early May, the platform’s domains were officially taken over by the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

When one thought that curtains were drawn on Nites.tv, it has appeared back in full effect under a new domain, Nites.is. As one can see from the image below, it cannot be distinguished from the original:

Apparently, the new Nites.is domain was registered on April 23, just days after the original domain first was taken down. The domain was registered with Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde’s Njalla privacy service, which means that it will be difficult to find out who is behind it.

The new Nites.is is a remarkably glossy platform with a tight interface, video previews, and even a Netflix-like “+MY LIST” feature, and more.

Besides streaming the latest movies and TV shows in both 720 and 1080 qualities from direct hosting sources, the site also provides movie trailers to help users choose what to watch next.

It even provides torrent download links rejected from popular torrent index YTS. Additionally, it has other BitTorrent technologies including Webtorrent tracker OpenWebTorrent and Webtorrent client Btorrent.

It does appear that Nites.tv has come back in a new avatar but it does lack a new logo for the site. However, the text “Nites is Back” on some open tabs clearly indicates that Nites.is looking to continue from where Nites.tv had left off.

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