Anonymous Hackers Take Down City Of Austin’s Website

Everyone across the globe has been actively protesting against the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd, an African-American man, in police custody in Minneapolis.

Recently, a group of hackers took down the website of the city of Austin. The official website shut down just hours before the Austin City Council was all set to begin its special meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was to address the protests and the Austin Police Department’s response.

According to the hackers, namely Anonymous, they took this action after Austin Police shoot in the head a 20-year-old black guy, and he is presently in critical condition with brain damage.

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Hackers Protest Against The Austin Police Department

As mentioned above, the City of Austin’s websites went offline early Thursday morning. The City of Austin told KVUE all they know at this point is that they’re seeing a “high volume of web traffic,” and IT employees are working on fixing the issue.

Additionally, the Austin Police Department’s public information officer said they weren’t aware of the situation.

The hackers took the credit on Twitter, and they wrote that “@Austin_PoliceYou should have expected us,” they further added that “new targets are coming soon.”

Later the hackers said that their internet had been interrupted, and its members were planning a new attack. Anonymous also claimed that they’ve taken down other websites, like ones for the Minnesota Bank and Trust and United Minnesota Bank.

Clearly, Hackers took down the website as a protest against the Police department and to show their support to the protesters.

As of writing this article, the website of the city of Austin is still down.

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