Samsung Blu Ray Players Are In Infinite Rebooting Loop – You are Not Alone

Samsung has landed themselves into hot waters, all thanks to their Blu Ray players, which are not turning on for a large number of their customers. 

Many users have woken up with their Samsung Blu Ray players in a Reboot loop. The problem has risen across standalone Blu Ray players( specifically HT-J5500W and ), home-theatre systems, laptops, and several other media players with Blu Ray Support.

What is happening in the Rebooting Power Loop?

The Samsung Blu Ray players appear to be on with no display on the TV screen. The player looks to be reading the disc, but nothing comes up on the screen. This keeps on happening over and over in an infinite loop.

The Blu Ray player is stuck in an infinite power loop with no way to stop it other than plugging it out.

Several users have tried changing HDMI ports on their TVs, Monitors to get a temporary fix but nothing seems to work yet.

What is the Error and the Cause Behind it?

While the root cause is unclear, there was an OTA(Over the Air) update pushed to the firmware for a wide range of Samsung Blu Ray players a few nights ago. 
Many users are pinning the blame on the specific update for the inconvenience  

On the other hand, experts on Reddit have discussed the possibility of SSL-certificate expiry behind the problem. The official statement from Samsung is awaited while speculations continue to grow.

Samsung Blu Ray Player Not Working – Solution

Users of the Samsung Blu player have bombarded the forums with questions regarding the Blu Ray power looping issue.

The official statement from a Samsung forum moderator:

We are aware of customers who have reported an issue with boot loops on some Blu-Ray players and we are looking into this further. We will post an update here on this thread when we have more information. 


We wait for Samsung to release an update/fix for the Blu Ray player problem that has arisen out of the blue. The impact is on a global level so we should expect it to be addressed on a priority basis.

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