10 Best Textsheet Alternatives: Websites Like Textsheet- 2024

Do you have an assignment pending, with the due date right at door? Textsheet was just the place for getting your homework done.

It provided all sorts of answers, sourced mainly from Chegg.com. Sadly Textsheet has been shutdown, and there is no hope of it ever coming back. 

In this article, we have shared some of the best websites like textsheet that students can use to solve their assignments.

Why is Textsheet down? 

Chegg filed a DMCA complaint against the website for using their Chegg API to display results from Chegg. 

Textsheet searched through pages from Chegg to provide answers for homework, assignments, which is an infringement of their rights according to the filed complaint.

Later, it was taken down and textsheet is not working anymore.

Best Textsheet Alternatives/ Websites Like Textsheet

Don’t be disheartened, there are Textsheet alternatives that similarly provide homework problem’s solutions.

Here is a list of mostly free alternatives to Textsheet.

  • Studylib
  • Sparknotes
  • Slader
  • Byju’s
  • Chegg
  • Course Hero
  • Khan Academy
  • Reddit
  • Quizlet
  • CK-12

1. Studylib

Studylib is the closest Textsheet alternative there is on the Internet right now. It does not charge a dime to access their material, which is uploaded by other users. 

Studylib Textsheet alternative

Users can view any document in a slide player on the website to get answers for the assignments.

Downloading any document from the site would require you to upload one document in exchange. It is a kind of honor system to help the database grow and help other people searching for homework solutions. 

Another feature to help students prepare for exams is the FLASHCARDS, which helps memorize certain things that are hard to get inside your head. They have a few flashcard sets of their own for learning languages and subjects such as Maths, Physics, Engineering, amongst other subjects in the syllabi.

Visit Studylib

2. Sparknotes

Sparknotes is one of the most excellent resources online that provides insightful guides for English Literature and other subjects like Maths, Biology, etc. The site is an excellent Textsheet alternative for students of literature. 


Unlike the boring English books, this website provides detailed explanations for your prose and poetry. It includes a scene by scene summary with explanations for the complex parts for Literature. 

It has a whole section of Shakespeare’s plays, which makes it a heaven for completing assignments on Shakespeare’s plays. 

Moreover, they also provide preparation kits for GRE, SAT, ACT, and other competitive examinations.

Currently, everything is free on Sparknotes in the event of the ongoing COVID pandemic that has gripped the world. 

Visit Sparknotes


3. Slader

Another strong contender in the list of websites like Textsheet is Slader. It hits pretty close to home to Textsheet users.

Textsheet alternative

You can find homework solutions to questions from books on Slader. Enter the ISBN of the book to get the exact answers to the book you are looking for.

Search for any question, and it will display results with the books containing the questions and answers to your homework for most of the books.

The students from across the world contribute answers and solutions to various assignments. 

It is entirely free to use, and if you are looking for expert verified answers, then sign up for a $1.5/month plan. 

Visit Slader

4. Byju’s

Byjus has a variety of study materials, guides for all ages and academic levels just like Textsheet.

Bjyus a textsheet alternative

The majority of the content offered is free of cost with the option to buy courses for specific competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, GRE, SAT, and many others. 

The website also has free video lectures, free live classes that can be accessed from the site, as well as the app for smart devices available across different platforms. 

They offer a wide variety of essays on a broad spectrum of topics that will help students complete homework and pending assignments. 

Visit Byju’s

5. Chegg

The website has all the solutions as Textsheet provided. It turns out Textsheet provided links to Chegg pages from their search engine. 


It is probably the best textsheet alternative if you are looking for the same homework solutions as Textsheet use to provide.

Chegg offers an extensive library of assignments and homework and assignment solutions that cater to both school and college-going students. 

They have a panel of experts on every subject, ranging from Chemistry to complex Maths problems. 

The website also offers Maths Solver, a calculator for solving complex algebra, calculus problems. However, on the free plan, the user can only obtain three solutions per day. 

The biggest downside is the subscription model. You will have to shell out $14 a month to get access to most of the website’s content. 

Visit Chegg

6. Course Hero

Course Hero has millions of articles, textbook solutions, and study resources from all major streams. 

Course Hero

They also offer 24/7 online expert tutors who would help you in completing assignments at any given time. Ask them questions, and they will answer them at the earliest.

While Course Hero has a subscription model, there is a way around it for using it for free. All you need is to upload a certain number of valuable documents that help other students on the site. It will unlock 1-5 tutor question options, and document unlocks. 

High-quality documents receive more premium options for free as it gets better ratings over time. 

Visit Course Hero

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit online education site, which is an entirely free textsheet replacement. There are no paywalls and subscription models, and the site relies on voluntary donations.

Khan Academy

The website has essays as articles with an index to quick-browse different sections of the essays.

Moreover, they offer videos on a wide variety of topics, subjects by different tutors to get a firmer grasp on whatever topic you were originally searching for

Apart from the essays and videos, Khan Academy offers a comprehensive exercise section for testing your preparation on different topics. They also have hints for helping recall the correct answer to a question.

Visit Khan Academy

8. r/HomeworkHelp

When nothing seems to work, head to Reddit to save your day. HomeworkHelp is a subreddit where you can post your homework problems and get answers by the fellow members of the sub. 

Homework Help Reddit

Before posting your query, be sure to check the format for posting your assignment problem. Otherwise, it may get deleted by the moderators.

The time for getting a solution for your assignment is pretty less if it is objective and does not involve writing long essays.

For finding essays, head to Sparknotes, Khan Academy, and Bjyus, as discussed above.

Visit HomeworkHelp on Reddit

9. Quizlet

Quizlet is another fantastic Textsheet alternative that offers in-depth articles, essays, study guides, and classes.


They have different sets of Flashcards to help in preparing for objective questions on specific topics.

Complete study guides require students to pay a specific price, which varies from author to author. It ranges

Students can request for access to classes to join for free on specific topics, subjects which are currently in sessions. 

Vist Quizlet

10. CK-12

CK-12 is an online non-profit education library for providing access to low-cost K-12 education in America and abroad.

CK12 textsheet alternative

It has a broader range of books, courses, and classes for free. Everything is free of cost on the website, just like Khan Academy.

You can enroll in classes on specific topics anytime. All you need is a free user account, which takes a couple of minutes to create.

Students can also ask questions in the forums, which can be answered by other students and the expert faculty on the site.

Visit CK-12

Over to You

These were some of the best Textsheet alternatives for completing homework and assignments. Let us know if you know any other site like Textsheet.

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