Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Chips Collection Event: How to Unlock Rewards

Garena Free Fire is a mobile-based Android and iOS game. This multiplayer battle royale game has everything a player wants in a game.

Garena Free Fire is one of the highest downloaded games globally; one of the many reasons for it to be so famous is an opportunity to have a unique experience with different characters. Players can collect characters; each character has its own unique ability; players can also collect gun skins, outfits, vehicle skins, etc.

Free Fire provides different graphics for low-end mobile devices and mid-end mobile devices. The game lasts for about 10 minutes; at first, all 50 players gather on a Spawn Island (waiting area). After the waiting time is over, the players are put in a plane, so they can land on a spot of their choosing using a parachute.

Free Fire has different modes to play in; players can choose to play according to their style, either it’s rush or safe. All players need to do is stay in a safe zone (safe zone decreases by time pushing everyone to move and force in fights), find weapons and health kits, drink and kill enemies to be the winner.

If you love a battle royale game, Free Fire is the best game; it has thrill, surviving, finding weapons, and chasing enemies.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary:

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary has started from 13th August 2020, and it will last till 30th August 2020. During that time, players can win, claim, and exchange items in different events. Currently, Web Event is active, don’t forget to participate to get unique items.

In the event, you can choose a gift of your liking and then get chips to claim those rewards. Let’s talk about how to unlock rewards and how you can collect chips to claim rewards.

Free Fire update

How to unlock rewards?

In this Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event, you will be given an option to choose one bundle from five bundles. There will be three different stages, and you will be able to select one bundle from each stage. You can choose any one of the rewards.

You can access event in Time Tunnel. Go to Time Tunnel at the left bottom of your page you will see three options Exploration Missions to collect Blue Chips by playing, Time Capsule Store to exchange Blue Chips, and Web Event.

Now click on Web Event, a new page will pop-up, and you will see three buttons on your screen and timer. The timer represents two things Countdown for a new event or time remaining for the current event as the Event is already active so you will see the remaining time.

Free Fire rewards

The first tab will be a preview, the second one unlocked on 17th August 2020, and it will be the event currently going on. The third one will be the Milestone Event, which will unlock on 23rd August 2020.

Click on Second Event, a new screen will pop-up, and you will see different rewards. Now, remember, you can only choose one reward from each stage. At first, you will see the bundle reward, which you will be able to claim after you have nine different chips.

Then at the second stage, you will be able to pick one backpack from five backpacks, which you will be able to claim after you have six different chips.

In the third stage, you will be able to pick a surfboard, which you will be able to claim after you have nine chips.

How to collect nine different chips to claim rewards?

You will have to collect nine different chips to unlock all three stages of reward. The first reward will be unlocked at three chips, next at six chips, and the last one will be unlocked once you have nine different chips.

Once you have chosen all the items, you will be directed to a new screen. You will see all the chosen rewards and chips required to claim them on the left side of your screen.

You will see a spin option in the middle of your screen, which will provide you a random chip every time you spin it. You can earn chips by completing the daily missions. Missions reset daily at UTC 00:00:00.

You will also see the Enter Code tab at the top of it; that way, you can ask invitation code from your friends for their extra chips. That way, you can give and ask chips from your friends in case if you have two of the same chips.

LDPlayer Huge Event on Free Fire 3rd Anniversary:

LDPlayer is one of the best android emulators. It allows its user to play High Graphic mobile games on Pc without any lag or FPS drop. LDPlayer supports almost all of the android games like Free Fire, PUBG, Eve Echoes, Rise of Kingdoms, etc.

free fire key mapping

Playing Free Fire on PC is now very easy using the best emulator for Free Fire, it doesn’t just provide High FPS or High Graphics it also provides a special Game Boost for Free Fire.

Moreover, on the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary, LDPlayer also introduced three ways to earn Diamonds from a prize pool of up to 300k Diamonds. Players can win up to 5500 Diamonds from the Facebook event, up to 5500 Diamonds from the Reddit community, and up to 11000 Diamonds from YouTube video.

free fire ldplayer event

Follow simple instructions to be eligible for the reward. Go to the LDPlayer Facebook page and post pictures of playing Free Fire on Pc using the LDPlayer emulator in comments. Join the Reddit community and make a YouTube video and post it on your channel. Why not give a try to see if LDPlayer is the best emulator for Free Fire or not.


Free Fire has revealed some of its events, and some are still hidden. But revealed or not, this is the biggest event any mobile game has ever introduced on its anniversary, especially for F2P players. As Garena said, this is a one-time-only event.

Some of the events will consume Diamonds to provide you with gun skins and other stuff, but it’s your choice. If you think the gun skin is worth about 1050 Diamonds, then hop in.

All of these events bring something new and unique to the table. For example, you can collect different chips and exchange them in the Time Capsule Store, or collect nine chips and get a bundle of your choice.

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