Microsoft has updated the Remote Desktop client for iOS to version 10.1.3, as well as added new features and fixed a variety of bugs mostly related to the app’s input mode and audio output. 

Here’s the full changelog below with all the details:

  • The input mode (Mouse Pointer or Touch mode) is now global across all active PC and remote app connections.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented microphone redirection from working consistently.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio output to play from an iPhone earpiece instead of the internal speaker.
  • Added support for automatically switching audio output between the iPhone/iPad internal speaker, bluetooth speakers, and Airpods.
  • Audio now continues to play in the background when switching away from the client or locking the device.
  • The input mode automatically switches to Touch mode when using a SwiftPoint mouse on iPhones or iPads (not running iPadOS 13.4 or later).
  • Addressed graphics output failures that occurred when the server was configured to use AVC444 full screen mode.
  • Fixes to address VoiceOver bugs.

In addition, the updated app also now lets you pan around a zoomed-in session with an external mouse or trackpad. To move around a zoomed-in session with an external mouse or trackpad, simply press on and then drag away from the pan knob with the mouse cursor. 

To pan around in Touch mode, simply press on the pan knob and then move your finger. The session will stick to your finger and follow it around. Finally, in Mouse Pointer mode you can pan around by pushing the virtual mouse cursor against the sides of the screen.