Microsoft Asks Users To Move To Skype After WhatsApp Introduces New Privacy Policy

Redmond tech giant Microsoft is recommending users to migrate to Skype after Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently introduced its new Privacy Policy. 

For those unaware, the messaging platform WhatsApp has updated its Privacy Policy wherein the service will now be sharing user data with other Facebook companies starting February 8th.  

WhatsApp has garnered sharp criticism over the change in its privacy policy, as the new policy is completely in contrast to what Facebook had initially promised at the time of acquisition in 2014. Back then, WhatsApp had assured that its goal is to know “as little as possible.”

Taking a dig at WhatsApp, Microsoft took to Skype’s official Twitter account to tweet that its video calling platform respects users’ privacy and is committed to keeping their personal data private and not share it with 3rd parties. 

The tweet also contains an URL ( that takes you to Microsoft’s Privacy Statement Page. This page explains what kind of personal data does the company collect and how they use it. For those interested in migrating to Skype due to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, can check Microsoft’s Privacy Statement Page for more information.  

While WhatsApp users were able to opt-out of the privacy policy until now, this will become a mandatory requirement for users to accept starting February 8th. If users don’t want their data to be owned by Facebook, the only solution is to stop using WhatsApp by uninstalling the service. 

Following the new update of WhatsApp privacy policies, users have started looking at other encrypted messenger alternatives such as Signal and Telegram.

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