‘Pac-Man 99’ Battle Royale Now Available For Download On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo on Tuesday launched a new 99-player online Pac-Man battle royale game called “Pac-Man 99” exclusively for Switch online users.

Similar to Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99 will see 99 players play each other until one is left standing to become the top Pac player. You can make the challenge more difficult for your opponents by eating Power Pellets to turn the ghosts blue, and then eat ghosts to send Jammer Pac-Man to your opponents to slow down their movement speed if they are running into them. The more ghosts you eat, the more Jammers you will able to send to your opponents making it difficult for them to stay alive.

Meanwhile, you can also eat a Ghost Train if you want to make a huge comeback. You can gain the upper hand by switching between eight different preset strategies: speed up, send extra Jammers, and more. Switch at the right moment to get an edge over your rivals!

To change the look and sound of the game, you can purchase downloadable custom themes based on classic Namco games, such as Xevious, GALAGA, Dig Dug, and more. There are twenty different classic themes in all to choose from.

Pac-Man 99 will be available for download for free from today on the eShop at 6 PM PST / 9 PM ET for those with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. It is available to pre-load right now.

To know more about Pac-Man 99, you can go to the official Nintendo website right here.

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