Android practically changed the smartphone game after Google took it under its wing.

You will find it in the majority of the smart devices in the world. Credit to its open-source and free, nature, every smartphone manufacturer uses it on their device.

This includes Lenovos’ Motorola, which offers a clean interface based on Android.

So to test the devices before sending them to retailers, the company uses the CQATest app. An app that ensures final quality checks before they are ready for the customers.

So navigating through the giant library of Android apps, you might come across a curious app named CQATest.

But if you are here, that means the CQATest app is causing problems on your Motorola or Lenovo phone.

And you might be wondering what CQATest app is? How to remove CQATest app then continue reading this article.

What is CQATest App?

CQATest or abbreviated as Certified Quality Auditor Test App is a Motorola/Lenovo in-house application for testing the quality and assurance of the smartphone.

This app is used just after the manufacturing process of the smartphone.

This app checks and ascertains whether every function on the smartphone is working properly or not.

This is basically one of the parts of Alpha testing.

Alpha testing is done by the internal team of any project, so before introducing the product to a small group of people, or Beta testing, and introducing the product at the commercial level, the product is tested at various levels to maintain quality.

CQATest App

Is CQATest App Harmful?

No, it is not harmful at all, as the app is not even visible to normal users. But even if it is somehow visible to the users, it doesn’t affect or harm the smartphone in a direct manner, As it only stores the diagnostic data.

But from a few recent events, users reported that the app has appeared in the app drawer from nowhere, and a few users also said that the app is creating a ton of different unknown bugs and glitches.

Some consider CQAtest App as spyware but it is not, since its by Motorola and Lenovo itself.

The bugs are very unexpected, but yes, it is quite possible to face these types of issues, maybe by mistake you have altered a few settings, which is indirectly causing the issues.

CQATest app permissions

Since CQATest is a system app, it will have all the necessary app permissions. It won’t ask you for anything.

It will already have access to sensors, a gyroscope, camera, microphone, amongst other things.

However, if it is asking you for permission to access any of them or others then it is time you take a closer look.

Is CQATest app spyware?

The answer is NO.  The CQATest app is not spyware and causes no harm to your Android device.

It doesn’t access or share any personal information but only gathers non-sensitive, optional data that doesn’t jeopardize your privacy.

However, if you notice multiple instances of the CQATest app on your phone, you should investigate further.

An additional CQATest app in your Android app drawer could potentially be malicious, so consider running a scan on your device and removing it if necessary.

Common Problems Because of CQATest App

CQAtest app is supposed to be disabled by default but some users are facing problems because of it. Many users have reported the following:

  • CQATest app is heating up the device
  • The home button is not working, frozen at times
  • The CQATest app is draining the battery
  • The phone display stops working because of CQATest app
  • CQA test commserver appearing in the menu and phone battery draining

How To Remove CQATest App?

There is no official method to remove CQATest App, as the app is meant for the diagnosis of faulty functions only.

However, we can try a few methods to stop it from running and fix the issues along the way.

Disable CQATest App By Force Stop

One way to disable CQATest App is by going into the Android setting to force stop the app and clear the cache.

This solution may remove and clear all the data and remove the CQATest app from the app drawer.

Follow the steps provided below to disable CQATest App.

  1. Open the Settings app from the app drawer.
  2. Then, go to the Apps & notifications.
  3. Now, navigate to the list of All Applications.
  4. Select Show system to show system apps including CAQTest
    remove CQATest app
  5. Finally, scroll down to find and select the CQATest App.
    remove CQATest app
  6. Now use the Force Stop button to disable the app.
    remove CQATest app
  7. Then click OK to confirm the action.
    remove CQATest app
  8. CQATest app will be forced stop and you see the greyed button for it as a confirmation
    remove CQATest app

Wipe Cache Partition

So if stopping the CQATest app has solved the problem for you then you can wipe the cache partition. And here is how you can do it.

  1. Switch Off the device.
  2. Now, press and hold the Volume Down Key.
  3. Continue pressing the volume down key, and press and hold the Power button until the boot mode screen appears.
  4. Now, use the volume keys to scroll down the menu.
  5. Then, press the power key to select the Recovery Mode option from the menu.
  6. Now, again use the volume keys to navigate through the Recovery menu.
  7. Finally, use the power button to select the Wipe Cache Partition.

Wipe Data/Factory Reset from Recovery Mode

This is the final step that we are trying to do to resolve the issue. Note that this step will wipe the internal data, so before processing the step, make sure to back up the important data.

  • Switch Off the device, if it isn’t already.
  • Now, press and hold the Volume Down Key.
  • Continue pressing the volume down key, and press and hold the Power button until the boot mode screen appears.
  • Now, use the volume keys to scroll down the menu.
  • Then, press the power key to select the Recovery Mode option from the menu.
  • Now, again use the volume keys to navigate through the Recovery menu.
  • Finally, use the power button to select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

Use of CQATest App

As already mentioned, this app uses the Cqatest modules to monitor and check the status of the newly installed operating system and other hardware systems like camera, mic, display, fingerprint sensor, etc., and sends the report to the team responsible for these operations.

However, the app is hidden most of the time. The internal team hides the application from the frontend user-accessible area so that no one can use the application to alter any system-specific settings.


This was it, we have successfully discussed all about CQATest App, all its uses, and whether it is harmful or not. We have also discussed the methods to disable the CQATest App as well.

In case you didn’t understand anything, or you have other queries regarding this article, then feel free to comment down below, we will be more than happy to assist you