RTX 3090 TI

Earlier this month at the CES 2022 keynote, Nvidia had announced the highly-anticipated GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GPU with the card rumored to go on sale on January 27th.

However, Nvidia never officially announced the launch or availability date of the RTX 3090 Ti.

Now, based on reports from TweakTown’s and Videocardz’s sources, the chipmaker has reportedly halted the production of their upcoming GeForce RTX 3090 Ti custom models for time being.

“I’ve had an industry source reach out to me talking about the situation with NVIDIA and its latest GPUs, where I was told that NVIDIA asked AIB partners to “pause production” on their custom GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards. I asked if they knew the reason, but they didn’t know why NVIDIA asked them to pause production,” reads the TweakTown report.

According to TweakTown, there could be several reasons that can be thought of as reasons for halting the production such as issues with silicon and the current GPU shortage.

On the other hand, VideoCardz too has confirmed that Nvidia has indeed paused production temporarily, citing hardware design issues and a problem with the BIOS.

“We have reached out to our sources that have already confirmed that this is indeed true. According to them, there are issues with both the BIOS and hardware. The details are not yet known, so it is unclear if board partners will be required to revise the boards that were already made or they need to wait for a solution from NVIDIA. In any case, we will provide an update on this situation as soon as we learn more,” reads the VideoCardz report.

In terms of specs, the upcoming RTX 3090 Ti will offer 40 TFLOPS for shaders, 78 TFLOPS for ray tracing, and a massive 320 TFLOPS of AI muscle.

It will feature 24GB of the fastest GDDR6X memory clocked at 21 Gbps, a fully-enabled GA102 GPU with 10752 CUDA cores, a 450W TDP design, PCIe Gen 5 interface, power connector (16-pin), 112 texture mapping units, 84 render backends, and 336 ray tracing cores.

Nvidia has not yet confirmed any of the above reports regarding the RTX 3090 Ti. With the chip maker halting the production, the rumored January 27 launch date for the chip seems a distant reality.

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