Sony Showcases Vision-S 02 SUV At CES 2022

At the CES 2020, Sony Group Corporation (“Sony”) had surprised the attendees by unveiling an electric car prototype called the “Vision-S”, an initiative aimed at contributing to the evolution of mobility.

To demonstrate this concept in the real world, the Japanese tech giant started public road testing in Europe in December 2020 and started verification tests of the safety and user experience of the imaging and sensing technology installed inside and outside the vehicle, and the human-machine interface (HMI) system.

To further develop the above efforts, Sony on Tuesday at the CES 2022 announced and exhibited an SUV-type prototype vehicle (Vision-S 02) as a new form factor, as it enters a new phase of Vision-S development.

“The excitement we received after we showed off the Vision-S really encouraged us to further consider how we can bring creativity and technology to change the experience of moving from one place to another,” said Sony’s Chairman and CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, before unveiling the new Vision-S 02 SUV prototype.

“This is our new Vision-S SUV. Vision-S has been developed on a foundation of safety, adaptability, and entertainment. Safety has been our number 1 priority in creating a comfortable mobility experience. That has not changed when building this SUV. A total of 40 sensors are installed inside and outside of the vehicle to monitor safety.”

He further added, “In terms of adaptability, we have connectivity that enables us to build a vehicle that continuously evolves. It also makes it possible to personalize the cabin for each user. With 5G, it enables high speed, high capacity, and low latency connectivity between the in-vehicle system and the cloud. The Vision-S also evolves mobility as an entertainment space.

“The Vision-S also evolves mobility as an entertainment space, including gaming experience and audio. We have learned more about mobility through our exploration of Vision-S, and through our partners who have supported this effort.”

This vehicle uses the same EV/cloud platform as the prototype (Vision-S 01), which is being tested on public roads. By offering entertainment experiences utilizing the large interior space and variations of a 7-seater, this new prototype will, together with Vision-S 01, promote the accommodation of a large variety of lifestyles within a society where values are becoming increasingly diversified.

Check out the videos below to know more about Vision-S 02 prototype:


The Sony Group Corporation also officially announced that it will be establishing an operating company called “Sony Mobility Inc.” in the spring of 2022, through which the company intends to explore entry into the EV market.

The new company’s mission will be to “help realise a world where everyone can live in harmony with robots on a daily basis, fill people with emotion, and contribute to society”.

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