Instagram keeps adding new features to the leading photo-sharing app almost every week or so.

The upcoming feature that might make it to Instagram is the ability to respond to Instagram stories via voice messages.

Instagram Stories to get voice messages support

According to developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working upon a feature that allows users to respond to ephemeral type Instagram Stories using voice messages.

As of now, you can respond via GIFs, strikers, or text messages, however, the voice message feature remains unavailable when it comes to responding to the stories.

Instagram is working on a voice response feature for Stories

Paluzzi was able to reverse-engineer the app to find this feature which may or may not make it to the Instagram app after testing.

Users can click on any stories as usual. To respond via voice messages, tap on the mic icon for a bit and there you go. You can record the voice message that you want to record and send as a response to that particular Instagram Story and it will be done.

When you check the inbox, you will see the story tagged with a voice response similar to how you can see a response today although it is either text, stickers, or GIFs.

When can we see this functionality on Instagram?

Well, the developer did share a snapshot of the upcoming functionality on the Instagram app. However, the social media giant hasn’t commented on the timeline as of now. Many such features come and go where tech companies try them out and roll out a few percent of them all after extensive testing.

It is possible that the feature may not see the light of the day so hold your horses until Instagram confirms the same.


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