Nintendo Switch is one of the greatest handheld gaming consoles of all time. Despite being five years old now the console is still quite popular among gamers.

One of the most common problems found in the regular and OLED Nintendo Switch is excessive battery drain. In response to users complaining about rapidly draining batteries, Nintendo has asked users to perform a deep-drain and recharge cycle on the batteries.

Lately, OLED Nintendo Switch owners have been complaining about the draining of batteries overnight when the console is supposed to be in sleep mode.

Clearly, Nintendo is not sure what the actual problem is and has decided to go with the generic solutions for the time being.

How To Fix Excessive Battery Drain On Nintendo Switch?

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner and are facing an excessive battery drain problem then this solution will help you. Follow each step carefully,

  • Firstly open System Settings > Sleep Mode and set Auto-Sleep (the playing on Console Screen) to Never.
  • Now you have to keep the Switch undocked in portable mode, with no AC power connected.
  • Next, start any game and leave it untouched.
  • Leave the Switch untouched with the screen running. You can keep the game on the title or main menu screen.
  • Now simply wait until the battery runs out. The Switch’s display will go dark as the gaming console shuts down.
  • After the battery has run out completely, connect the Switch to an AC power outlet to charge, and leave it for at least 4 hours.

This way your Switch will perform the deep discharge process. It’s worth noting that the aforementioned process can be followed on both the original and OLED switch consoles.

The best time to perform this action is when your console has already a very low battery left. This way you won’t have to wait much and it will also prevent the burn-in issue on OLED models.

After performing deep discharge Nintendo Switch’s OS will recalibrate the battery capacity and offer an accurate estimation of battery levels and screen-on time.