Meta to let creators Sell Virtual items on Horizon Worlds

Meta (Facebook’s parent company) is testing out some new features to let creators make money on Horizon Worlds, its social metaverse platform based on Quest VR headsets. It will soon arrive on smartphones and gaming consoles alike.

The latest feature being tested on the virtual world is letting creators sell virtual items within the VR world.

Meta will let creators sell virtual items in-game

According to what’s happening now, Meta is testing out a feature to let creators sell their virtual items on Horizon Worlds including anything from basketball to jewelry and more. The social media giant has reserved a $10 million creator fund for the participants in the United States towards creating engaging worlds within the metaverse.

Meta is looking after creating an experience that both Rec Room and Roblox have had for some time now. It is exploring options to let creators monetize their content which has proved a healthy business model for the other two VR platforms.

Horizon Worlds

Meta will be charging a cut on what creator’s selling as usual although it is a bit complex to ascertain. It charges 25 percent on Horizon purchases apart from the platform fee.

A 30% cut with the platforms would mean creators have just above half of the total price of all the items they sell online.

Creators will be subjected to all the terms and conditions on the content they are allowed to sell. They will have to adhere to the same as violating it would mean they will be removed from the program. Meta has encouraged creators to join its goal-oriented bonus program that lets users utilize tools within the metaverse and build worlds to the best of their imagination.

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