NBMiner Fully Unlocks NVIDIA’s LHR GPUs

We are all aware of the global GPU shortage created soon after the announcement of the 30 series Nvidia cards. There were several reasons behind the shortage but one of the most noteworthy is cryptocurrency mining.

To stop crypto miners from acquiring all of the available cards Nvidia introduced the Ampere Lite Hash Rate (LHR) graphics card with an Ethereum anti-mining limiter. Well, Nvidia’s LHR Limiter has been fully cracked by NebuTech’s latest NBMiner software, version 0.41.

In simple terms, people who own Nvidia’s Lite Hash Rate (LHR) graphics cards can now mine Ethereum without any problem. The software works flawlessly both on Windows and Linux.

These are the complete release notes for NBMiner v0.41,

FEATURE: ethash 100% LHR unlocker added, for both Windows & Linux

  • Run nbminer with admin priviledge to get 100% LHR unlock
  • Tested and verified on drivers: 512.15 for Windows, 510.60 for Linux
  • Other driver versions may have some compatibility issue
  • Previous LHR mode are removed

NebuTech’s has recommended that the card owners only use the NBMiner software on the tested and verified drivers for maximum compatibility.

Due to NBMiner, The flagship GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is now capable of reaching hash rates of 120 MH/s with a TGP of 281W. Clearly, this is a hefty increase from the old hash rates of 80-85 MH/s.

It’s worth noting that, two graphics cards namely RTX 3050 and the RTX 3080 12GB can’t be unlocked using NBMiner as they use a newer LHR algorithm.

Additionally, NiceHash has also released the first software that can fully unlock Nvidia’s light hashrate mining limiter on specific graphics cards. That said, it’s only available for Windows.

In the official statement, NiceHash stated that,

We are very happy to tell you that NiceHash QuickMiner (Excavator) is the first mining software that fully unlocks (100%) LHR cards!

Now you can earn more profit than any other mining software on the market if you are using LHR graphics cards with NiceHash QuickMiner. Support for NiceHash Miner is coming. This also makes it more advantageous than mining directly to a pool, since other miners are not capable of unleashing the full capacity of your hardware.

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