You Can Now Kiss In Metaverse

Yes, you read the title right! It’s now possible to kiss someone in Metaverse. While kissing or getting kissed you can even experience life-like sensations on your lips, teeth, and tongue thanks to a new headset.

The aforementioned prototype virtual reality headset is manufactured by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The headset relies on haptic technology to offer life-like sensations. This same technology is used in modern-day controllers.

Thanks to things like seedy strip clubs and naked avatars Metaverse is already bad enough to start with. Now with new innovations like life-like kissing Metaverse is about to get even more creepy.

That said, apart from kissing the technology can also be used in some Metaverse games.

For instance, while playing a horror game in VR or in the metaverse, the technology could simulate the feeling of a spider brushing across the lips, or feel some liquid actually falling into the mouth.

Kissing VR Headset

Additionally, users can also experience sensations like brushing teeth, smoking, feeling the rain, sipping a drink, and much more.

In their paper researchers stated that,

“Proximity of the mouth to the headset offers a significant opportunity to enable on- and in-mouth haptic effects, without needing to run wires or wear an extra accessory. We developed a thin, compact, beamforming array of ultrasonic transducers, which can render haptic effects onto the mouth.”

It further added that “participants uniformly preferred using our system to having no haptic feedback at all, signaling that mouth haptics could be an engaging addition to consumer VR systems.”

Do share your thoughts and opinions on this metaverse technology in the comments section below.

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