Phantom is one of the best Assault Rifles available in Valorant and several other games.

In the right hand, the phantom can be deadly.

It offers low recoil and a high bullet fire rate and is great for spraying enemies.

Today, we’re going to list some of the best Phantom Skins in Valorant.

We have compiled the list by taking into account several votes on Facebook, Reddit, discord channels, Youtube channels, and from the Valorant community.

This Phantom skins list consists of the skins that are cool, most used, unique, and used by Top esports players and YouTubers.

So in no particular order, these are the Best Skins For Phantom In Valorant that are worth checking out. 

Best Phantom Skins In Valorant

1. Oni Phantom

Oni Phantom is one of the top most popular phantom skins in Valorant. It takes inspiration from an orc demon in Japanese folklore who is known for murder and cannibalism.

Oni was the second evolving skin in Valorant. Oni allows you to upgrade up to 3 different colors.

Best Phantom Skins: Oni

The skin also comes with a sealing finishing animation that looks really cool. Oni costs 1,775 Valorant points, you can also buy the Oni bundle for 5,325 Valorant Points.

Oni effects and skins can also be upgraded further using radiante points. To summarise, Oni is one of the best phantom skins available on the market with 3 different colors and a finishing animation.

2. Singularity Phantom

The Singularity Phantom skin is one of the best-looking phantom skins in Valorant.

It has a black angular look and looks very sleek. This skin came into the game as part of the Singularity Bundle and is currently purchasable for 2175 Valorant Points. You can also upgrade the singularity to red, blue, and purple using radiante points.

Best Phantom Skins: Singularity

The Singularity Phantom comes with one of the coolest-looking kill effects. The skin creates a black hole effect sucking the player into it. Like other Valorant gun skins, the effects can be upgraded using radiante points.

All in all, the Singularity is a great-looking skin with a pretty cool finisher effect which makes it one of the best phantom skins in Valorant. However, it is a bit pricey at 2175 Valorant Points.

3. Doodle Buds Phantom

If you like doodles, you are sure to love the Doodle Buds Phantom skin. The skin looks like a normal phantom but with doodles all over. One disadvantage with this gun is that it doesn’t have a finisher effect.

Best Phantom Skins: Doodle Buds

The skin costs 1775 Valorant Points and additional radiante points can be used to upgrade the skin.

One cool effect, the Doodle Buds Phantom comes with is that as you get more kills, the doodles start to get colored instead of being black and white.

4. BlastX Phantom

Do you love Nerf Guns? Then the BlastX phantom is the one for you.

The gun recreates that same look along with the same style of bullets and their sounds. The skin is definitely unique but maybe a hit or a miss among some people.

While the price is a little high at 2175 Valorant Points, you can upgrade almost everything about the gun.

Best Phantom Skins: BlastX

You can upgrade the VFX, animations, and the finisher as well as have three different variants to choose from. You can change the color to Black, Yellow, and Pink if you don’t like the original one.

All in all, the BlastX Phantom is one of the best phantom skins for you if you like that toy gun look and feel.

5. Glitchpop Phantom

Glitchpop is one of the most popular skins in Valorant and if you love a cyberpunk-styled gun, you’ll love it too.

Glitchpop has sort of a metallic gradient from pink to blue and its decal includes cartoons. If you don’t like the original color scheme, you can get the red or gold variant of Glitchpop.

Best Phantom Skins: Glitchpop

The gun costs 2175 Valorant Points and allows you to upgrade the VFX< finisher effect, sound effect, the kill banner, and the animations using additional radiante points. The finisher effect of the Glitchpop finishes the enemy off with a cartoonish blast.

If you like a cartoonish, almost hipster-like look to a gun then Glitchpop Phantom is one of the best Phantom skins in Valorant for you.

6. Prime Phantom

After the huge success of the original Prime, Valorant launched the Prime 2.0, and just like its predecessor it is flying off shelves (metaphorically) with a lot of Valorant players loving the skin due to its many upgrades, excellent VFX, and animations.

Best Phantom Skins: Prime

The finisher effect of the Prime Phantom is a bull knocking down the player which is similar to the original prime but why change that which is not broken.

The gun costs 1775 Valorant Points and can be upgraded to three different color options using radiante points. The original color is Gold, black and white with glowing edges and it makes the skin look amazing.

However, if you do not like this color scheme, you can upgrade it to Orange, Cyan, or Red. Overall, if you’re a fan of something that looks bold but isn’t too flashy, Prime Phantom is one of the best Phantom skins for you.

7. Protocol 781-A Phantom

Like the Singularity, Protocol 781-A Phantom is another cool-looking black-colored gun, and just like ion, it is straight from the future. Taking the best from both the Singularity and the Ion makes Protocol one of the best-looking Phantom guns in Valorant.

Best Phantom Skins: Protocol

The skin costs 2475 Valorant Points and while that is a little pricey, however, coupled with the fact that you can upgrade the VFX, animation, finisher effect, sound effects, and the Voice over, it is justifiable.

Changing the skin to the red/blue version also changes the voiceover to a male voice.

So, if you want a voice-over and a really cool-looking phantom skin, Protocol is one of the best Phantom skins for you.

8. Ion Phantom

Ion Phantom looks like a futuristic laser-powered gun which is why many people seem to love it. It looks sleek and shiny with a design straight from the future. The Ion Phantom is a white-colored gun with accents of blue and black with a blue core design in the middle.

Best Phantom Skins: Ion

The gun costs 1775 Valorant Points, however, there are no upgrades available, and it only comes in this one version. That being said, the Ion Phantom has one of the best VFX, Animations, and a beautiful finisher effect which blasts the player off into a blue energy ball.

Overall, the Ion is one of the best all-around phantom skins in Valorant. Although it is a bit pricier for a gun with no upgrades, its beautiful design, finisher effect, and animations make it justifiable.

9. Spectrum Phantom

The Spectrum skin, created in collaboration is one of the best-looking Phantom skins in Valorant. The skin comes with a minimalistic design, amazing animation, color scheme, music, and pretty much everything related to the gun.

Best Phantom Skins: Spectrum

This skin costs an expensive 2675 Valorant points but does allow you to upgrade the VFX, color variants, animations, and the finisher effect. The finisher effect creates a musical essence with rays of multiple colors spreading everywhere.

At 2675, Spectrum is an expensive skin however, due to it having one of the best Phantom skin designs coupled with its amazing bullet sound and effect it is worth every penny.

10. Ruination Phantom

Ruination Phantom is one of the coolest-looking Phantom skins in Valorant. The skin comes with a dark aura surrounding the gun which looks really cool. This skin was released in collaboration with League of Legends.

Best Phantom Skins: Ruination

The gun costs 2175 Valorant Points and allows you to upgrade the VFX, sound effects, animations, and the finisher effect. The finisher effect hangs the player in mid-air and turns their head toward the nearest alive player.

If you like a creepy gun skin then Ruination Phantom is the one for you and is one of the best-looking phantom skins in Valorant.

11. ChronoVoid

Last on the list we have the latest and greatest ChronoVoid skin for Phantom. The design aesthetics of the ChronoVoid skin consist of floating spheres that defy gravity. 

Owning the ChronoVoid Phantom feels like holding and using a forbidden piece of treasure.

ChronoVoid Phantom


The ChronoVoid skin line belongs in the XE tier and it costs 2175 VP. However, we recommend players purchase the entire ChronoVoid bundle which costs 8,700 VP and in addition to Phantom you also get the skin for Vandal.

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Phantom Skins FAQs

What Phantom Skin Do Pros Use?

Oni Phantom is one of the most popular skin being used by Pro players in Valorant.

What Is The Rarest Phantom In Valorant?

Celestial Phantom is one of the rarest in Valorant as only a few players bought it due to its lack of animation and variants.

Is Phantom better than Vandal?

Vandal is better than Phantom as it has the potential of one shot one kill.


These were the best Phantom Skins In Valorant. You should choose one based on your liking and the number of Valorant Points you have.


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