Are you fed up with the standard and dull-looking Vandal in Valorant? If YES then, this article will help you find the best vandal skins.

Vandal is one of the most popular assault rifle used by the gamers as the primary weapon in Valorant published by Riot Games.

Whether you are an aggressive player or you love to strategize every move precisely, we have got the best Vandal skins for all.

The list doesn’t follow any hierarchical order, every skin listed in this article owns a unique set of features and design, and every skin is best in its own way, explore them and choose the one that fits your style.

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

Here are the top 10 vandal skins in 2021 that you can use in Valorant for your GUN.

1. Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal Skin

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

Glitchpop is one of the most demanded Vandal skins in Valorant. The initial version was a great hit. Riot recently introduced the second version of Glitchpop.

The cyberpunk-inspired animations and VFX will provide you a unique and mesmerizing gaming experience.

The hologram and futuristic approaches of the skin make it unique from others. And the flashy look sometimes feels weird but most of the time, it is great.

Now, speaking of the price, the individual Vandal skin will cost you 2,175 VP, but you choose the whole package (Vandal, Phantom, Operator, Classic, Axe), and it will cost you 8,700 VP.

That means you are technically getting the 4,350 VP Axe free of cost with the whole Glitchpop 2.0 bundle.

2. Wasteland Vandal Skin

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

This is another great vandal skin for an outstanding VALORANT experience. Unlike Glitchpop, Wasteland is a classic and dull skin.

The skin gives you a standard, classic yet futuristic feel. As the name suggests, the Wasteland Vandal skin is made up of waste and recycled materials, which makes it more exciting.

If you look at the skin properly, it is literally held together with tools and wooden materials using strings and tapes, which gives it a real to life feel.

Now, coming to the price, the single Wasteland Vandal skin will cost you around 1,275 VP. However, if you choose the whole bundle, which includes Vandal, Sheriff, Shorty, Spectre, and Marshall, we are sure you will get a good discount.

3. Prime Vandal Skin

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

Next on the list, we have the Prime Vandal Skin. The design ergonomics and overall feel of this skin are amazing. Moreover, the animations, VFX, and unique bullet sounds are excellent as well.

Another unique feature of the skin is the reload animation. Although it’s an optional feature you should definitely try it out.

Now, speaking of the price, the Prime Vandal skin will cost you 1,775 VP. The Prime Skin bundle will cost you 7,100 VP, which will include the premium Spectre, Knife, Guardian, Classic, and Vandal Prime skins.

4. Singularity Phantom Vandal Skin

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

Do you remember those highly finished weapons used by the Kryptonian army in the Man of Steel movie? This weapon set/skin looks exactly like that. It seems like instead of bullets, the Vandal is shooting lasers.

Singularity Phantom vs Prime Vandal skin is one of the most discussed threads on Reddit. Players either opt for this skin or the Prime skin, both have their own unique features to decide from.

The skin comes with mind-blowing unique finishes and animation effects. And it has one of the best kill animations as well.

Speaking of pricing, it is a little bit more than the alternatives, like the Prime Skin, Singularity Phantom is priced at 2,175 VP.

5. Elderflame Vandal Skin

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

This is one of the most expensive skins of the game. The Elderflame skin collection was released just after the official launch of the game.

Statically, it is the second most discussed and used skins of all time after Prime skin. Being the most priced skin doesn’t stop gamers from not buying it. The look and feel are mind-blowing.

Riot didn’t fail to satisfy and compensate for the heavy pricing of the skin. The features include great reload animation, awesome VFX, etc. As reported by many VALORANT players, the reload animation is considered one of the best in the whole game.

Now, the price of the skin, the Elderflame Vandal skin has come with a whopping price tag of 2,475 VP, and the bundle costs 9,900 VP, which means around 100 USD.

6. Sakura Vandal Skin

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

Unlike the other skins listed in this article, the Sakura Vandal Skin doesn’t come with those fancy and flashy animations and VFX, rather it’s a classic skin with beautiful artworks.

Sakura is a Japanese word, which means ‘Cherry Blossom’ and it is directly reflected on the skin. The skin contains beautiful leaves of a tree in pink color, and also the mountains with snow and the last light of setting sun.

So, if you are looking for classic and good-looking skin for your Vandal in VALORANT, then Sakura Vandal Skin should be your first choice.

The individual Sakura Vandal skin comes with a price tag of 1,275 VP. There is an option of buying the whole bundle as well which contains the skin of Vandal, Sheriff, Classic, Stinger, and Ares.

7. Reaver Vandal Skin

Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

Reaver Vandal skin is one of those best Vandal skins in VALORANT that gives the user a villain look and feel. The dark, moody, and underworld-themed skin is one of the best skins in Valorant.

This is one of the oldest skins/cosmetics of the game, the skin was first introduced in the initial closed beta release of the VALORANT game.

The animations and VFX of the Reaver Vandal skin are amusing and haunting at the same time. The skin is ideal for both aggressive players and players who like to take every step precisely.

The finishing animation will surely blow your mind. The opponent will feel the wrath of your destruction. So, if you are looking for this type of skin, then you must try the Reaver Vandal Skin.

This premium skin will cost you 1,775 VP and if you choose the bundle at 7,100 VP, you will get the exclusive the four exclusive variants of the Vandal.

8. Ruin Vandal


Next up on the list, we have Ruin Vandal. The name says it all, Ruin Vandal is a classic skin that is completely animation-free.

The Royal feeling skin was released with the Act III Battle-pass on October 13, 2020. You can unlock Ruin Vandal at Tier 45 of Episode 1 Act 3 Battle-pass.

You can purchase the non-animated Vandal skin for a price of 1000 VP.

9. Luxe Vandal


If you are looking for a Vandal skin that looks almost similar to the default Vandal skin then look no further than Luxe Vandal.

The blue and white theme of the skin replicates the classic car luxury leather. Design aesthics of Luxe mainly consists of metal and leather elements.

Luxe Vandal was released on June 2, 2020 and it retails for a price of 875 VP.

10. Winterwunderland Vandal


Last on the list is Winterwunderland Vandal. The skin has an amazing-looking style and due to its unique color response Winterwunderland is practically a two-in-one skin.

The skin reflects darkness when in light and Shines brightly when in dark. Similar to Ruin Vandal, Winterwunderland Vandal is completely animation free and there are no VFX effects as well.

Released on December 9, 2020, the Winterwunderland costs around 1275 VP.


These were the best Vandal Skins in VALORANT.

If you were looking for a new Vandal skin for your assets library, then we hope you got what you are looking for.