Getting an Edge in Gaming Using the Best Proxies

When it comes to gaming, there are many people out there that immediately bemoan the use of proxies in games online. People often laugh at the sole thought of using them since, if not used correctly, they can instead end up introducing lag into games. However, there are many moments out there when a proxy instead confers gamers with plenty of advantages worth considering.

Performance and accessibility are two terms gamers should be familiar with. Being able to react appropriately and swiftly to changes in a game while having the right tools to play is massively important. It can improve your online experience and help you easily outsmart and defeat others in multiplayer games.

In this article, we will be taking a look at what you can do to attain that greater speed and smoothness in your games. We will also list the main benefits you can get from using proxies online. Time to take your gaming to the next level! 

Do Proxies Really Work for Gaming?

Most gamers out there are quick to jump the gun and reject the use of proxies, focusing only on the negative aspects. As with any argument, there are two sides to consider. A definitive answer as to whether they are optimal or not remains an open debate to this day. Let’s briefly touch on both sides to understand more.

One side says that no, proxy servers are not beneficial to your gaming because they increase your lag and ping time. Since proxies work by acting as an intermediary service for your connection, they can end up increasing the total response time between the server you’re trying to reach and your gaming device. This results in a slower connection and an increase in latency and lag.

However, there are sound arguments against this to prove proxies are beneficial. For example, gaming proxies out there can use split-tunneling to prioritize traffic. This, in turn, decongests the network by allowing faster communication between your device and the video game servers.

Proxy caching is another helpful technology to consider. Old proxies didn’t have this, but nowadays, they can store content that’s been already pre-accessed. This technology allows for optimized loading times if the server response is slow. Since a good chunk of the data you need is already present on the proxy server, this can help speed up the loading times in games. These advantages may not sound like much, but they do add a much welcome improvement to the experience.

As you can see, there are reasonable, logical arguments on both sides. What is crucial in gaming these days is speed. Modern gaming nowadays is mostly an online affair. Just look at the latest games. The vast majority of them are always online and feature heavy elements that need a constant, secure connection to the internet. Having a connection that is stable, secure, and reliable is vital to succeeding in online gaming.

As such, choosing the best proxies is a viable option if you wish to look for ways to improve your connection.  

What Benefits Can Proxies Bring Into Gaming?  

Depending on the kind of games you play, a proxy can help you with a few other things besides speed. Let’s take a quick look:  

  • Have as many accounts as you want 

Your IP address sometimes limits the number of accounts you can create in a game. By having access to a proxy server pool covering multiple locations, you can create as many accounts as you want, all from different regions and with different IP addresses if you wish. This is part of the accessibility advantages mentioned earlier. If the game limits you to one account per IP but you still wish to have multiple accounts, this is the way to go.

Were you banned or blocked from a certain game after using foul language or breaking other rules? Use a proxy and get back into the game!

Residential proxies are the best when it comes to this. They belong to real internet users and have a real physical location associated with them. Therefore, their traffic is indistinguishable from other regular gamers, so you don’t need to worry about your IP getting blacklisted. They have a high success rate in getting you back into the game and, at the same time, they are less likely to end up on a blacklist.  

  • Enjoy high privacy and anonymity 

By routing your regular connection through a proxy you can enjoy increased data protection and security. Not only will you be able to game using a different handle online altogether, but you will also be able to do so while maintaining your anonymity.

Sometimes staying as anonymously as possible online is as important as winning. You don’t want to be giving your private information to anyone else out there. Mask your identity and increase your privacy by using a proxy!  

  • Bypass geo-restrictions 

Game servers can enable a variety of restrictions based on account details, IP addresses, and geolocation. It is not uncommon for certain games to stop being available on the market in specific regions of the world due to having to comply with local laws or licensing issues. There are also other times when games are only available in certain countries, or they take time to become fully available worldwide.

Not being able to access the game you want to play at any given time can be extremely frustrating. Especially if you are part of a gaming community and you know you are being left out of the fun in your country. Proxies are exceptional tools to help you overcome any geo-restrictions and play the games you want. You can change your IP address at will, and presto! You will appear as if you were connecting to the game servers from another region. Easy peasy! 

Final Thoughts

While there are reasonable arguments against the use of proxies in gaming, it is safe to say that there is a rather sizeable selection of advantages as well. The technology used by proxy servers has come a long way since the early days. Today, they can offset many of the common disadvantages related to speed by offering caching technology or by channeling connections in a way to speed up performance. 

Additionally, the previously mentioned advantages of increased privacy, overcoming restrictions, and better accessibility of the games you want to play all make a valid case for usefulness of proxy servers in video games. Choosing the best proxies out there that fit your need is an integral part of getting an edge in gaming!

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