WhatsApp Update: Delete messages up to two days after sending & more

WhatsApp is adding a new set of privacy options, allowing users to hide “last seen” from specific contacts. This comes with the option to hide your online status from certain people.

Leaving annoying groups has become easier, and WhatsApp lets you silently leave a group without anyone knowing. No more worrying about people messaging you personally asking about the reason for leaving a group.

Delete Messages for Everyone for 2 Days

Now the largest messaging platform is letting users have up to 2 days to delete messages for everyone. This is a game-changer as a one-hour window was sometimes not enough. Users can avail of the option by updating to the latest WhatsApp version.

The WhatsApp Web received the update concurrently and can be used from browsers and non-mobile apps.

Blocking screenshots of View Once Content

WhatsApp has confirmed working on blocking users from taking screenshots of view once photos and videos in the coming days. This comes in after the company officially launched the view once content feature a week back.

The upcoming feature is similar to what Snapchat offers. It notifies the users when a reciever takes a screenshot of the snap message or profile.

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Amaan Rizwan
Amaan Rizwan
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