Oxenfree Arrives On Netflix Games, Six Other Games Announced Too

Netflix on Saturday announced during its Global Fan Event, Tudum that Oxenfree: Netflix Edition is now available to play for those who have a subscription to its streaming service. 

The new “Netflix Edition” of the game is now available for downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores. 

Oxenfree: Netflix Edition, which is the popular on-demand streaming giant’s inaugural first-party game from Night School Studio, is now available to download at netflix.com/oxenfree in 31 languages with no ads and no in-app purchases for Netflix members. It also adds localization support.

Originally released in 2016, Oxenfree is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning supernatural teen thriller game.

This game is about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Players control Alex, who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party gone wrong off the coast of their hometown.


“You play as Alex, a 16 year old being introduced to her new stepbrother, and while meeting up with some friends on a remote beach you accidentally open a rift through time, unleashing spirits who threaten your very existence,” Adam Hines, Night School co-founder and Oxenfree lead writer, told Tudum.

 “The gameplay is all about exploration and conversation, as you juggle dealing with the supernatural and the personal relationships within your high school clique.”

 Known for its artistic visuals, the game’s early sketches show how its dark and mystical world is transformed from pencil drawings to stylized paintings.

“Oxenfree is such a special game to so many people and launching on Netflix is a really exciting opportunity for us to introduce Alex’s story to even more people – maybe even someone who never thought they’d love playing a game,” Sean Krankel, Co-founder and Studio Director at Night School Studio, said in a statement.

 “As a Netflix games studio, we have the best support to bring Oxenfree: Netflix Edition to a global audience. Our community has requested subtitles in additional languages for a long time and this release of Oxenfree: Netflix Edition truly delivers the best narrative experience for players worldwide in their local language. ”

Besides the availability of the game, players will also be able to purchase long-awaited exclusive merchandise at Netflix.shop, which includes an illustration collaboration with artist and horror creature designer, Trevor Henderson.

Fans can also pre-order the “highly-collectable” Oxenfree soundtrack vinyl re-issue by iam8bit at iam8bit.com, featuring music by acclaimed game music composer scntfc.

Other games that are coming to Netflix Games include Desta: The Memories Between and Spongebob Squarepants: Get Cooking, launching September 27, as well as Kentucky Route Zero, Nailed It! Baking Bash, Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited, and Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales coming this autumn.

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