Sadly an explosion in an Apple Watch Series 7 due to overheating has sent a man to the hospital.

Right before the blast the battery of the Apple Watch expanded and overheated.

At the time of writing this article, Apple is well aware of the accident and the company confirmed that it would investigate what happened.

That said, Apple pressurized and asked the user to stay silent and not share the story with anyone.

Luckily, 9to5Mac managed to get in contact with the user, and then he stated that when he was wearing the watch he noticed that it was getting much hotter than usual.

He then found that the back of the Apple Watch had cracked and watchOS was showing a warning about needing to shut down due to its temperature.

When the overheating happened the user was in their house and the temperature was just over 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

After calling Apple Support the user didn’t receive any solution. That said, he was warned by Apple to not touch the watch unless he hears back from Apple.

The next morning, the Apple Watch became, even more, hotter and the heat shattered the display of the smartwatch.

The user then picked up the Apple Watch to take pictures to send to Apple. While doing so he heard crackling sounds.

Finally, just as the user was throwing the Apple Watch out the window it exploded. The watch left burn marks on the couch and then the user had to visit the emergency room because of lead poisoning concerns.

The user then informed Apple about the explosion and Apple responded by saying that the case would be a “top priority” and he would receive an update by the following Monday.

Lastly, Apple arranged a delivery pickup and said that it is taking the Apple Watch to its labs for further testing. Furthermore, Apple also sent him a document, asking him to sign it and agree not to share this story with anyone.

And as you might have guessed, the user declined to sign the document and shared the complete story with 9to5Mac.


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